19 October 2000
Summarizing a slightly rethought and augmented design for coordinating a program of projects and initiatives, for which we will seek funding and active participants:

Teaching and Learning Environments in Liberal Arts Education:
working toward effective models

Computers in Teaching
and Learning
Information FluencyAugmenting
Academic Programs
computing environments
Building faculty
and student skills
Rethinking curriculum
and content
Passepartout: mobile
electronic classrooms
Teaching PortfoliosInternational and
Global Studies (*.*)
GIS across the
curriculum (*.*)

20 October
I had included 'General Education Restructuring' as one of the Pilot Projects (under Augmenting Academic Programs), but it doesn't belong there. On the other hand, GenEd reorganization is part of the setting in which the TLRG's schemes and plans will be relevant.

The Pilots are all Initiatives of one sort or another --experiments with people and resources and ways of doing things that we do in order to discover if they work and where the gaps are between conception and practicality (and so each has evaluative components included, and each needs external support, and each has broader relevance beyond the Pilot setting). There certainly can be other Pilots --those specified are ones I know about, generally because I've been involved with them myself. This scheme draws them in under a single roof.

Here's a chunk I sent to Kathy in e-mail:

Just briefly about my matrix: it's aimed at giving us a way to think about the relationships among possible pilots that I know are out there and in various stages of articulation, and giving each a context within the broadest goal of re-thinking how we teach and learn (which seems a grand enough objective for a new Millennium...). I don't see it as 'hierarchical' --rather, there are broad areas of curriculum (at University, Dept, and Course levels) that are about to be or now being addressed. AND there are specific initiatives that are underway or in proposal stages (Teaching Portfolios, GIS stuff, mobile computing). But I'll be thinking about it as I'm hiking, and probably have substantial revisions sometime next week.
(to be continued...)