The essentials of this begin with Mumford's list of inventions in Technics and Civilization, from ca. 1800 (those in italics are European inventions, incompletely...):

1787: screw propellor steamboat (Fitch)

1793: cotton gin (Whitney)

1800: galvanic cell (Volta)

1801: public railroad with horsepower (Wandsworth-Croydon)
steamboat Charlotte Dundas (Symington)
steam carriage (Trevithick)

1802: machine dresser for cotton warps
planing machine (Bramah)

1803: side-paddle steamboat (Fulton)

1804: Jacquard loom for figured fabrics
Oliver Evans' amphibious steam carriage

1805: twin screw propellor

1807: kymograph (recording continuous movement) (Young)

1813: power loom (Horrocks)

1814: grass tedder (Salmon)

1817: push-cycle (Drais)

1818: milling machine (Whitney)
stethoscope (Laennec)

1820: bentwood (Sargent)
incandescent lamp (De la Rue)

1821: iron steamboat (Manby)

1822: steel alloys (Faraday)

1823: principle of motor (Faraday)
calculating machines (Babbage)

1824: Portland cement (Aspdin)

1825: electromagnet (Sturgeon)
Stockton & Darlington railway
Thames tunnel (Brunel)

1826: reaping machine (Bell)

1827: steam automobile (Hancock)
high-pressure steam boiler [1400 lbs] (Perkins)

1828: hot blast in iron production (Nielson)
machine-made steel pen (Gillot)

1829: blind print (Braille)
filtration plant for water (Chelsea, London)
Liverpool & Manchester Railway
sewing machine (Thimonnier)
paper matrix stereotype (Genoux)

1830: Compressed air for sinking shafts and tunnels under water (Thomas Cochrane)
Elevators (used in factories)

1831: Reaping machine (McCormick)
dynamo (Faraday)

1832: Water turbine (Fourneyron)

1833: Magnetic telegraph (Gauss and Weber)
telegraph (Gauss and Weber)

1834: Electric battery in power boat (Jacobi)
Anilin dye in coal tar (Runge)

workable liquid refrigerating machine (Jacob Perkins)

1835: commutator for dynamo
electric telegraph
electric automobile (Davenport)

1836: first application of electric telegraph to railroads (Stephenson)

1837: electric motor (Davenport)
needle telegraph (Wheatstone)

1838: electro-magnetic telegraph (Morse)
single wire circuit with ground (Steinheil)
steam drop hammer (Nasmyth)
two-cycle double-acting gas engine (Barnett)

propellor steamship (Ericsson)

1839: manganese steel (Heath)
electrotype (Jacobi)
callotype (Talbot)
Daguerrotype (Niépce and Daguerre)

hot vulcanization of rubber (Goodyear)

1840: incandescent lamp (Grove)
corrugated iron roof (East Counties railroad station)
micro-photopgraphy (Donne)

first steel cable suspension bridge, Pittsburgh (Roebling)

1841: paper positives in photography (Talbot)

1842: electric engine (Davidson)

1843: aerostat
typewriter (Thurber)
spectrum analysis (Miller)
gutta percha (Montgomery)

1844: carbon arc lamp (Poucault)
nitrous oxide application (Dr. Wells)
practical wood-pulp paper (Keller)

cork-and-rubber linoleum (Galloway)

1845: electric arc patented (Wright)
modern high speed sewing machine (Howe)
pneumatic tire (Thompson)
mechanical boiler-stoker

1846: rotating cylinder press (Hoe)
ether (Warren and Morton)
nitroglycerine (Sobrero)
gun-cotton (Schönbein)

1847: chloroform anaesthetics (Simpson)
electric locomotive (Farmer)
iron building (Bogardus)

1848: modern safety match (Bottger)
rotary fan (Lloyd)

1849: electric locomotive (Page)

1850: rotary ventilator (Fabry)

1851: Crystal Palace Exhibition
electric motor car (Page)
electro-magnetic clock (Shepherd)
reaper (McCormick)

1853: Great Eastern steamship
mechanical ship's log
mass-production watches
multiple telegraph on single wire

1854: automatic telegraph message recorder

1855: commercial production of aluminum (Deville)
800 HP water turbine at Paris
television (Caselle)

iron-plated gunboats
safety lock (Yale)

1856: open hearth furnace (Siemens)
Bessemer converter (Bessemer)
color photography (Zenker)

1858: phonautograph voice vibrations recorded on revolving cylinder (Scott de Martinville)

1859: oil mining by digging and drilling (Drake)
storage cell (Planté)

1860: ammonia refrigeration (Carre)
asphalt paving
London underground

1861: dynamo motor (Pacinnoti)
machine gun (Gatling)

1862: USS Monitor (Ericsson)

1863: gas engine (Lenoir)
ammonia soda process (Solvay)

1864: theory of light and electricity (Clerk-Maxwell)
motion picture (Ducos)
gasoline engine motor car (Marcus)

1865: Pasteurization of wine (Pasteur)

1866: practical dynamo (Siemens)

1867: dynamite (Nobel)
reinforced concrete (Monier)

typewriter (Scholes)
gas engine (Otto and Langen)
two-wheel bicycle (Michaux)

1868: tungsten steel (Mushet)

1869: periodic table (Mendelejev and Meyer)

1870: artificial madder dye (Perkin)

1871: aniline dye for bacteria staining (Weigert)

1872: model airplane (Penaud)
automatic air brake (Westinghouse)

1873: ammonia compression refrigerator (Linde)

1874: streamlined locomotive

1875: electric car (Siemens)
standard time (American railroads)

1876: Bon Marché at Paris
discovery of toxins
four-cycle gas engine (Otto)

electric telephone (Bell)

1877: microphone (Edison)
compressed air refrigerator (Coleman)
phonograph (Edison)
model flying machine (Kress)

1878: centrifugal cream separator (De Laval)

1879: carbon glow lamp (Edison)
electric railroad

1880: cup-and-cone ball bearing in bicycle
electric elevator (Siemens)

1882: first central power station (Edison)
motion picture camera (Marly)
steam turbine (De Laval)

1883: dirigible balloon (Tissandier)
high speed gas engine (Daimler)

1884: steel-frame skyscraper (Chicago)
cocaine (Singer)
linotype (Morgenthaler)
turbine for high falls (Pelton)
smokeless powder (Duttenhofer)
steam turbine (Parsons)

1885: international standard time

1886: aluminum by electrolytic process (Hall)
hand camera (Eastman)
aseptic surgery (Bergmann)
glass-blowing machine

1887: polyphase alternator (Tesla)
automatic telephone
electro-magnetic waves (Hertz)
monotype (Leviston)

1888: recording adding machine (Burroughs)

1889: artificial silk of cotton refuse (Chardonnet)
hard rubber phonograph records
Eiffel Tower
modern motion picture camera (Edison)

1890: detector for radio waves (Branly)
pneumatic tires on bicycles

1892: calcium carbide (Willson and Moissan)
artificial silk of wood pulp (Cross, Bevan and Beadle)

1893: Diesel motor
moving picture (Edison)
by-product coke oven (Hoffman)

1894: "Phantoscope" moving picture

1895: motion picture projector (Edison)
x-ray (Roentgen)

1896: steam-driven aerodrome flight (Langley)
radio-telegraph (Marconi)
radioactivity (Bequerel)

1898: osmium lamp (Welsbach)
radium (Curie)

1899: loading coil for long distance telegraphy and telephony

1900: high speed tool steel (Taylor & White)
Nernst lamp
quantum theory (Planck)

1902: caterpillar tread
radial type airplane engine (Manley)

1903: first man-lifting airplane (Wrights)
electric fixation of nitrogen
arc process nitrogen fixation (Birkelande and Eyde)
radio telephone
oil-burning steamer
tantalum lamp (von Bolton)

1904: Fleury tube
Moore tube light

1905: rotary mercury pump (Gaede)
cyanamide process for nitrogen fixation (Rothe)

1906: synthetic resins (Baekeland)
audion (De Forest)

1907: automatic bottle machines (Owen)
tungsten lamp
television photograph (Korn)

1909: duralumin (Wilm)

1910: gyro-compass (Sperry)
synthetic ammonia process for nitrogen fixation (Haber)

1912: vitamins (Hopkins)

1913: tungsten filament light (Coolidge)

1920: radio broadcasting

1922: perfected color organ (Wilfred)

1927: radio television

1933: aerodynamic motor car (Fuller)