Some occurrences of the machine/garden trope:
..."two major metaphoric patterns in our national literature: the machine and the garden..." (;

Hughes P - The Machine and the Garden: Ornament & Industry in Britain 1750-1850. (;

An Archeology of the Garden and the Machine at the Harpers Ferry Armory (;

THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN is an interactive videodisc installation dealing with gambling and spirituality, twin distillates of our obsession with luck and fortune, weighing the apparently random outcome of phenomenon against a possible underlying order. (;

the Machine in the Garden a crossover gothic-industrial band from san francisco, who concentrate on the combination of styles, ranging from gothic-industrial to art music to baroque to... (;

Leo Marx The Machine in the Garden: technology and the pastoral ideal in America (E169.1 .M35) (;

the Machine in the Garden home page (;

the moment of terror is the beginning of life there will come a time when machines will blend into the natural. that time is upon us. machines will not be designed, but will grow. the machine in the garden... hardware - the machine in the garden... software - the garden in the machine (;

The Machine in the Garden: The Literature of the American Land (;

In 1964 Leo Marx coined the phrase "the machine in the garden" to describe the relationship between nature and technology as felt by European settlers prior to the turn of the century. Early North American art and writing expressed the ideal of nature as tamed by man's hand; the `pastoral ideal' equalled the cultural symbol of the machine in the garden. (