here a miniessay on Ol' Ben, with some pointers, like
 AUTHOR       Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.
 TITLE        The papers of Benjamin Franklin. Leonard W. Labaree, editor.
                Whitfield J. Bell, Jr., associate editor.
 PUBLISHER    New Haven, Yale University Press, 1959-<1996   >
 1 > Leyburn Library        E302 .F82 1959
Franklin's "Account of the New Invented Pennsylvanian Fire-Places" (in vol 2 of the Papers, pp 419-446) is a wonderful example of mid-18th century technical writing: relentlessly practical and didactic, but wonderfully personal as well:
That hot Iron of itself gives no offensive Smell, those know very well, who have (as the Writer of this has) been present at a Furnace, when the Workment were pouring out the flowing metal... Brass indeed stinks even when cold, and much more when hot; Lead too, when hot, yields a very unwholesome Steam; but IRON is always sweet, and every way taken is wholesome and friendly to the human Body --except in Weapons... (pp 439-440)

The individual volumes of the Papers are indexed, but there is no overall guide to the (chronologically-arranged) material; the 1904 edition of the Works of Benjamin Franklin (E302 .F82) in 12 volumes has an overall index in vol 12.