Science Journals for 2001-2002

9 March 2001
Here are the requests I have at the moment:

AAPG Bulletin and Special Publications [Chris Connors] (sitelicense is $1200 per year; it's possible to buy individual articles at$8, but they don't have any 'deposit account' option. Electronic accesswould replace paper. Starting a 45-day Trial today)

Molecular Ecology [Paul Cabe] (Blackwell Science, $1907 online, $2118 paper)

Trends In Endocrinology and Metabolism [Helen I'Anson] (Elsevier, ca. $1000, but BioMedNet would probably be an efficient solution, giving usonline access to ALL 'Trends in' journals AND to a list of Current Opinionjournals as well. Price still up in the air, but about $10,400 --closeto what we now pay for the paper versions of those journals. They're "getting back to me" about a package offer)

Thinking ahead:

American Physical Society PROLA online archive, for all APS journals (Physical Review) back to 1893 (we could probably dispose of LOTSof shelves of paper, once the Physics people agreed. They want to see itworking first. The completed archive is "scheduled for completion withinthis calendar year", and Library of Congress has agreed to provide backupfor the project. See APS news item for details.)

Nature and Nature Neuroscience Online site license would be $2110 (includes a complementary print subscription; we now pay $798 for Nature and $731for Nature Neuroscience). I don't think this makes sense, for the amount of use Nature seems to get.

25 July
Additional requests, since March:

Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research (VMI, $120/yr --Steve Desjardins says we should be supporting this effort, and it's pretty painless to do so at that price)

Plant Species Biology (Blackwell, $207 for online edition)

Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO, $160/yr --Global Stewardship)