Visits and Contacts

Jennifer Bolt, Director, Institute for Teaching and Technology
Dr. Bruce Matthews, Dean of Arts
Sara Lochhead, University Librarian
Amherst (2 visits)
Phil Fitz, Director of Information Technology
Susan Kimball, Science Librarian
Laura Juraska, Associate College Librarian for Reference Services
Chris Schiff, Music and Arts Librarian
Eugene Wiemers, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director of Information Services and Librarian
Bentley (NELINET conference)
Nancy Heywood, Massachusetts Historical Society Digital Projects Coordinator
Berklee School of Music
Ralph Rosen, Manager, Stan Getz Media Center & Library
Bowdoin (2 visits)
Sue O'Dell, Science Librarian
Judith Montgomery, Associate Librarian
Peter Schilling, Director, Educational Technology Center
Sally Wyman, GIS Librarian
Center for Educational Technology (3 visits)
Dr. Bryan Alexander, Associate Director
Maciej Ceglowski, Web Applications Developer & Systems Support Specialist
Sarah Lohnes, Technical Instruction & Support Specialist
Amy McGill, Associate Director
Dr. Clara Yu, Director
Christian Science Monitor
Ed Blomquist, Copyright Administrator
Leigh Montgomery, Librarian
Dartmouth (2 visits)
Jeffrey Bohmer, Curricular Computing Specialist
Susan Fliss, Director of Education Services
Dr. Ridie Ghezzi, Head of Research and Instruction Services
Lucinda Hall, Map Librarian
John James, Associate Librarian of the College
Dr. Daniel Karnes, GIS Curricular Consultant
Jennifer Merrill, Senior Programmer, Library Systems
Fairfield University
Dr. Dina Franceschi, Professor of Economics
Dr. AVP Grossman, Dean of the College
Dr. Lisa Newton, Professor of Philosophy; Director Program in Applied Ethics; Director Program in Environmental Science
Patrick Waide, Board of Governors
Dr. David Cobb, Map Librarian
Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity
Jonathan Eder, Assistant Librarian
Cindy Glacy, Copyright Administrator
Steven Thorpe, Senior Librarian
Middlebury (2 visits)
Dr. Robert Churchill, Professor of Geography
Barbara Doyle-Wilch, Dean of Library and Information Services
David Guertin, Educational Technology Specialist for the Sciences
Shel Sax, Director of Educational Technology
Louise Zipp, Science Librarian
Mount Holyoke (2 visits)
James Burke, Instructional Technology Consultant for the Social Sciences
Peter Carini, Archivist
Dr. Mary Glackin, Instructional Technology Consultant for the Sciences
Chris Hayward, GIS Specialist
Dr. Susan Perry, Mellon Foundation
Dr. Robert Schwartz, Dept. of History
Sandy Ward, Science Librarian
Simmons (2 visits)
Dr. Candy Schwartz, Professor of Library and Information Science
Dr. Allen Smith, professor of Library and Information Science
Jon Caris, GIS Specialist
Rocco Piccinino, Science Librarian
Wellesley (3 visits)
Kenny Freundlich, Director, Instructional Technology
Micheline Jedrey, Vice President for Information Services and College Librarian
Irene Laursen, Science Librarian
BethAnn Zambella, Research and Instruction Librarian, Group Manager
Dr. Henry Art, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies Director
Sharron Macklin, Instructional Technology Specialist and GIS Coordinator
David Pilachowski, College Librarian
Helena Warburg, Science Librarian