Some Materials Collected for Later Digestion


Guidelines for Developing a Successful and Sustainable Higher Education GIS Program ESRI 2002

Geographic Services in a Digital Library David Sol, Felix Garcia, Alejandra Torres

CartoDraw: a fast algorithm for generating contiguous cartograms Keim et al.

Milestones in the history of thematic cartography, statistical graphics, and data visualization Friendly and Denis 2002

Visions for the Digital Library Goodchild (PPT)

Digital Assets in general

The UCC 2-B Debate and the Sociology of the Information Age Peter Lyman

DigiCULT: Digital Asset Management Systems for the Cultural and Scientific Heritage Sector

Higher Education in the Digital Rapids Frank Newman and Jamie Scurry, The Futures Project, Brown University

The Information Ecology of Archives Richard Pearce-Moses

Intellectual Skills in the Information Age Frank Newman 1999

A Framework for Characterizing Knowledge Management Methods, Practicises, and Technologies Newman and Conrad 1999

Mapping the Network Society Dodge and Kitchin 1999

Mapping the Humanities: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts Ian Johnson

Digital Library issues

The ADEPT Digital Library Architecture Jenée and Frew JCDL 2002

The Next Stage: moving from isolated digital collections to interoperable digital libraries Howard Besser First Monday

DSpace: Functionality, DSpace: Technology and Architecture, Report of the DSpace Transition Planning Group

Digital Library Technology Trends (Sun White Paper, 2002)

Reconfiguring Libraries and IT

College of Communication Information Technology Vision Plan, 2002-2003

Main Library Renovation: a Faculty-Student Collaboratory (Indiana)

New Learning Spaces Otto Peters

The Information Commons and its salvation

The Second Enclosure Movement and the Construction of the Public Domain James Boyle

Saving the Information Commons: a new public interest agenda in digital media Bollier and Watts

Tragedy of the Information Commons Onsrud 1998

Latent Semantic Indexing and other visualization stuff

Visualization of Knowledge Structures (Chaomei Chen, 2002)

Visualizing a Knowledge Domain's Intellectual Structure (Chen and Paul 2001)

Oil Palm

Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Oil Palm Plantation Development, Sabah

Environmental Management Guideline for the Palm Oil Industry, Thailand

Using Environmental Regulations, Malaysia

Oil Palm Agriculture in the Wetlands of Sumatra: destruction or development?

Palm Oil: a sustainable future UNILEVER

Still to be characterized

E-Learning: putting a world-class education at the fingertips of all children

Can you see the 88th dimension? Grinstein and Uehling

mtDNA and the Islands of the North Atlantic: estimating the proportions of Norse and Gaelic ancestry Helgason et al. Am J Hum Genet 2001

Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature Introduction ("Ergodic literature") Espen Aarseth (1997) ["literature that demands that the reader play an active role"] (see also Espen Aarseth's Web site, and his essay The Field of Humanistic Informatics and its Relation to the Humanities )

The Scent of a Site: a system for analyzing and predicting information scent, usage, and usability of a Web site Chi, Pirolli and Pitkow

Blackboard Enterprise Deployment and Data Integration Project DUKE CIT, Spring 2002

Complexity Science: a worldview shift Eric B. Dent Emergence 1999

The Primary Care Service Area Project

Promoting Environmental Health and Stewardship of Natural and Cultural Resources in the Southern Appalachian Mountains Robert S. Turner

Changing Expectations of Inclusion, Toward Community Self-Discovery Paul C. Schroeder