A collection of proposals, reports, RFCs and suchlike

documenting the evolution of my GIS and digital library interests and schemes
the most recent summaries I've written in the GIS realm are Updating and Extending the Digital South Project and and (in a more general way, not just GIS) Making room for disruptive and emergent technologies (NITLE News, Spring 2003)

Hewlett Foundation proposal draft (March 2002)

A Plan for 2002-2003 (January 2002)

Building the infrastructure to support ArcGIS at Washington & Lee (unfunded R.E. Lee proposal, January 2002)

Collaboration to Manage Spatial Information on ACS Campuses: prototyping an information infrastructure (December 2001, after the Richmond meeting)

 GIS in midsummer 2001 (a general summary, including a report of my attendance at ESRI's User Conference)

What we need to do in planning and carrying out the next phase of GIS development (end of June 2001)

 Some resources for University of Richmond visit, 25 May 2001
 Building a Digital Library of Spatial Data and Images for Rockbridge County (April 2001)

California trip report (February 2001)

 GIS in Undergraduate Teaching (Dec 2000 summary)

International Conference on GIS in Education San Bernardino CA trip report (July 2000)

 GIS Across the Curriculum (LAAP PreProposal, March 2000)

Report of Site Visits in California and Indiana (February 2000)

A GIS Server for ACS Partners? (December 1999)

 GIS: an insurmountable opportunity? (November 1999)

Mellon Teaching with Technology Fellowship Proposal: Geographical Information Systems and Maps on the Web (June 1998)

GIS in the Library (August 1998)

In the wake of the visit to UVa of 8 May '98