At my age and with my background as a teacher, the sorts of long-run goals feasible and means to achieve them are different from those appropriate to a person 20 years younger and just beginning a career as a Librarian. The familiar path of career mobility by leapfrogging from one job and locale to another and assumption of professional society responsibilities has little appeal; far more important for the next dozen or so years is concentration on proximal tasks and opportunities within the W&L setting, where it is possible to have influence upon the evolution of information services for a face-to-face community. This work is already providing an empirical basis for wider contributions to the evolution of computers in libraries, through Internet communication, writing and conference participation. I have made use of several opportunities to attend issue-oriented regional meetings (American Chemical Society DIALOG workshop, SIGWAIS and SIGNIDR meetings, Humanities Computing) and have made or proposed presentations at wider gatherings (Computers in Libraries, Virginia Library Association, EDUCOM), and I certainly intend to continue such involvement. I have generally found non-presenter attendance at large meetings (viz: American Society for Information Science) to be of limited value in terms of new ideas or personal contacts. LISTSERV and USENET groups are much more effective means to follow the development of professional specialties and interests, and these (together with incessant web trolling) have been important sources of ideas and inspiration for my development of WWW resources at W&L.