1995 report

Name: Hugh A. Blackmer

I.   Instructional Activities

     A.   Provide a list of formal courses taught, with enrollment in parentheses.

     Winter Term, 1995             Spring Term, 1995             Fall Term, 1995

     Biology 182 (50)               Psych 395a (6)               East Asian Studies 190(3)
     (2 sections)                        Psych 432a (2)                         Biology 182 (19)
                                                  (both with Tyler Lorig)

     B.   Describe Independent Study, Theses, or R. E. Lee Research Supervised (include students' names and
          the title of project undertaken.

     C.   Indicate any guest lectures given in classes taught by colleagues. Include course number.

               Biology 280
               Engineering 160
               English 101b
               English 301 (3 classes)
               Physics 100 (2 classes)
          Psychology 256

     D.   Call attention to new or substantially modified courses taught. Indicate which are new and which 
          are modified.

     Psych 432a was a new course (Scientific Visualization); all others were modified with
     new material, to keep abreast of changes in electronic resources

     E.   Discuss any curricular changes you helped instigate in your Department.

     F.   Check if you are a freshman adviser _______    A major advisor_________.
Faculty Activities Report                                  Page 2

     G.   Note any additional contributions you made to the teaching program which you believe to have been
          of value to your students or your colleagues (e.g., arranging outside speaker's appearance, conferences,
          or other special events; proposing a course for the University Scholars' Program or an interdisciplinary
          seminar for upperclassmen, etc., etc.)

          Extensive work with the World Wide Web: designing, authoring, instructing, consulting
     with faculty, staff and students.  I ran week-long faculty/staff workshops in information
     access and Home Page development in June and August (more than 60 participants), and
     have been the primary manager of W&L's World Wide Web presence.  My work in areas
     of hypertext development is summarized at http://www.wlu.edu/~hblackme/examples/

     H.   Cite any activity in which you have engaged in the past year in the interest of improved teaching (e.g.,
          attended a summer seminar, prepared teaching materials for a new course, promoted student writing
          in novel ways, etc.).

     Creation of various weblets to support teaching in a number of courses (see
     http://www.wlu.edu/~hblackme/examples/); Online Oxford English Dictionary
     weblet (http://www.wlu.edu/~hblackme/oed/oedtrial.html) and presentation 
     to English department faculty; 

     I.   List any articles or textbooks you have published this year (or have substantially in final form) that are
          related to the teaching of your subject. Include publication data.

     J.   List articles or textbooks in progress that are related to your teaching.

     K.   Note participation in summer teaching programs either at W&L or elsewhere.

     L.   Note participation in visiting professorships or leave of absence during the academic year.

II   Teaching Evaluation.

          A.   Cite ways in which you have obtained student response to your teaching (e.g., course
               surveys, senior exit interviews, surveys of graduates, student journals, interviews of students
               by you or others).
           In courses for which I have primary responsibility (Biology 182, EAS 190) I          
           solicit written commentary on the utility of course material and request                  
           suggestions for improvements in subsequent years.     

          B.   Cite other means you have used to evaluate your teaching (e.g., peer visitation, videotaping,
               colleague review of teaching materials, u se of pedagogical consultants).

Faculty Activities Report                                  Page 3

          C.   Cite actions you have taken based on these evaluations (e.g.,new pedagogical methods,
               participation in summer seminars, promotion of student writing in novel ways).

                    Modifications of content, notably fuller explanations of areas identified by students
          as particularly difficult.

III. Research and Scholarship

     A.   List all books, monographs, articles and book reviews published in the past calendar year (but note
          point I-I above for instructional materials); include publication date and full name of journal or
          publisher.  Include as relevant all musical compositions, art exhibits, and dramatic presentations.

          Review of Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, in College and Research Libraries News,
     June 1995

     B.   List all books, monographs, and articles accepted for publication in the past calendar year;  include
          publication data.


     C.   List all research projects funded by W&L sources or from outside agencies.  List as well proposals
          written and submitted which were unsuccessful.

     D.   Note all professional meetings attended with dates and location of each meeting.  Indicate any papers
          or panel presentations in which you were involved.  Also indicate the source of funding you received
          (if any) to assist in defraying the expense of attendance.

          Association of College and Research Librarians Annual Meeting, March 29-31, Pittsburgh
          (Library travel funds)

     E.   List by title all papers and talks given to university audiences both at W& L and elsewhere.  Indicate
          whether each is a paper or a talk.  Also indicate source of funding received to assist in defraying the
          costs of travel (if any).

     F.   Note any talks given in your field to lay audiences.  Give the dates and the nature of the audiences.

Faculty Activities Report                                  Page 4

     G.   Give a general description of your scholarly "work in progress" with some indication of the results you
          anticipate in the near future (use an additional sheet if necessary).

     My principal responsibilities are in the realm of electronic access to information: teaching
     strategies and techniques to individuals and groups, consulting on a wide range of software
     problems,  developing existing applications to better serve the W&L community, investigating
     new developments on the frontiers of computer applications in library and instructional areas. 
     During 1995 this activity has included extensive work in planning for the services of the new
     Science Library.  I anticipate continued work with WWW resources, including exploration
     of interactive capabilities using the Java language.

IV.  Honors, Awards, and Professional Recognition

     Note any recognition conferred upon you by peers outside of Washington and Lee (e.g.,election as a Fellow of
     the Virginia Academy of Science, election to office in a relevant professional organization, etc., etc.) and by
     peers and students within Washington and Lee (e.g., Ring Tum Phi Award).

V.   University and Community Service Activities

     A.   List all departmental, school or University committees on which you have served.

          Computer-Library Liaison Committee

     B.   List all community agencies or organizations in which you have provided service (e.g., State©wide
          committees or agencies, Lexington organizations).  Indicate service provided or office held in each

     C.   Note any assignment you have assumed in giving counsel to students individually or to student
          organizations (e.g., fraternity adviser, adviser to outing club, etc., etc.).

     D.   List  other  activities you have participated in as service to W&L (e.g., panel discussion for high school
          counselors, faculty discussion club, etc.).

Faculty Activities Report                                  Page 5

VI.  Professional Consultation

     Note consulting activities which you have undertaken.  (These should include reading manuscripts, reading and
     commenting on manuscripts for professional colleagues, and editorial assistance, as well as consultations with
     businesses, academic institutions, or professional organizations.)