Name   Hugh A. Blackmer  


     A.   Provide a list of formal courses taught, with enrollment
in parentheses.

Winter Term               Spring Term                Fall Term
Biology 182 (50)                        East Asian Studies 190 (9)
Religion 473 (5)                        English 301 (45)    
     B.   Describe Independent Study, Theses, or R. E. Lee Research
supervised (include students' names and the title of project

     C.   Indicate any guest lectures given in classes taught by

  Guest lecture in Jeff Barnett's Spanish 207
  Guest lectures in Ham Smith's Journalism 203 (Winter and Fall)
  Guest lecture in Darcy Russell's University Scholars course
  Guest lecture in Alex Brown's Religion 100
  Guest lecture in David Harbor's Geology 395
  Guest lecture in Erich Uffelman's Chemistry 350 
  Guest lecture in Tom Williams' and Bob Akins' Physics 401
  Guest lecture in Kary Smout's English 101 

  (all of the above were concerned with information access
  resources in particular disciplines)

     D.   Call attention to new or substantially modified course
  (All of the above in A. were new to me)
     E.   Discuss any curricular changes you helped instigate in
your department.

  (prepared library portions of Biology 182, English 301, and
  Religion 473 courses; reorganized EAst Asian Studies 190;   
  proposed and carried out development of Library partition on W&L

     Check if you are a freshman adviser.      
     Check if you are a major adviser.       

     G.   Note any additional contributions you made to the
teaching program which believe to have been of value to your
students or your colleagues (E.g., arranging outside speaker's
appearance, conferences, or other special events; proposing a
course for the University Scholars' Program or an inter-
disciplinary seminar for upperclassmen, etc.)

Creation and maintenance of W&L Gopher's Libraries and       
Information Access partition
Internet workshops for W&L faculty and staff May 10, 11, 17

Gopher presentation at Tom Urbach's 'Computers in the
Classroom' wokshop  May 12

Internet and Liberty introduction for RAs and dorm counselors
September 2

Parents' Weekend electronic access demonstrations

H.   Cite any activity in which you have engaged in the past year
in the interest of improved teaching (e.g., attended a summer
seminar, prepared teaching materials for a new course, etc.)

     (A and C above involved much preparation of teaching   

     I.   List any articles to textbooks you have completed (or
have substantially in final form) that are related to your subject.

     J.   Note participation in summer teaching programs either at
W&L or elsewhere.

     K.   Note participation in visiting professorships or leave of
absence during the academic year


     A.   List all books, monographs, articles and book reviews
published or accepted for publication in the past calendar year
(but note point I. above for instructional materials).  Include as
relevant all musical compositions, art exhibits, and dramatic

Article in W&L's Writing in the Disciplines newsletter (May)
     B.   List all research projects funded by W&L sources or from
outside agencies.  List as well proposals written and submitted
which were unsuccessful.

C.   Note all professional meetings attended.  Indicate any papers
or panel presentations in which you were involved.  Also indicate
the source of funding you received (if any) to assist in defraying
the expense of attendance.

Scholarly Humanities Communications in the Electronic Age at
William & Mary, April 20  (registration and travel by W&L)

FirstSearch workshop (SOLINET) at VPI, July 16
(registration and travel by W&L)

Copyright Law Workshop (SOLINET) at Roanoke College, 20 August
(registration and travel by W&L)

SIGWAIS (Special Interest Group: Wide Area Information Systems) at
Library of Congress, July 23

SIGNIDR (Special Interest Group: Networked Information Display
Resources) at National Library of Medicine, November 12

     D.   List by title all papers and talks given to university
audiences both at W&L and elsewhere.  Also indicate source of
funding received to assist in defraying the costs of travel (if

     E.   Note any talks given in your field to lay audiences. 
Give the dates and the nature of the audiences.

     F.   Give a general description of your scholarly "work in
progress" with some indication of the results you anticipate in the
near future (use an additional sheet if necessary).

Preparing a presentation (with John Doyle) for Meckler's Computers
in Libraries meeting, Washington March 2

Continued work on development of W&L Gopher


     Note any recognition conferred upon you by peers outside
Washington and Lee (e.g., selection as a Fellow of the Virginia
Academy of Science, election to office in a relevant professional
organization, etc.).


     A.   List all departmental, school, or University committees
on which you have served.

     B.   List all community agencies or organizations in which you
provided service (E.g., state-wide committees or agencies,
Lexington organizations).

     C.   Note any assignment you have assumed in giving counsel to
students individually or to student organizations (e.g., fraternity
adviser, adviser to Outing Club, etc.)

     D.   List other activities you have participated in as service
to W&L (e.g., panel discussion for high school couselors, faculty
discussion club, etc.).


     Note consulting activities which you have undertaken.  (These
should include reading manuscripts, and editorial assistance, as
well as consultations with businesses, academic institutions, or
professional orgranizations.