I have been involved in planning and teaching courses in the Biology and Psychology Departments in the Sciences, and in East Asian Studies, Religion and English in Area Studies and Humanities. Each of these has involved extensive instruction in the use of Internet resources, and during the last year I have used the WWW as a presentation medium and semi-permanent repository for teaching materials.

The hypertexts developed for the Winter 1995 version of Biology 182 are the most recent examples of this approach, and could be consulted as illustrations of the methods I am presently using. The Scientific Visualization weblet is under development at the moment for a Spring 1995 course.

The approach of using hypertext to create extensive illustrative examples (following the organization of a class as given, but providing fuller detail than possibble in a single lecture, for subsequent consultation by students and interested others) seems to have few other instances on the WWW, but seems to me to exemplify the promise of the medium as a teaching tool. I have been monitoring pedagogical uses of the WWW and hope eventually to motivate and assist other professors to experiment along these lines. Just how to do this is an open and interesting question, which my proposal for an EDUCOM presentation addresses.