Exercise S1-4: Examples of my work

(1) "those you consider to be your very best"

pond surface


and this mashup occurred to me in the shower, so I had to try it:
imagined, so I had to try it

the [rather unpromising] original on the left, processed to clarify the forces at work:
Shubenacadie sediment Shubenacadie sediment post-processed

(2) I don't think anybody has told me something was a "best" but here's what Flickr IDs as most-viewed:

Drift Inn sunrise


These images are pretty enough, and accurately represent the circumstances of early/late light that prompted me to a digital commit, but there's nothing really surprising or transcendant. It's really like this where we live, and after all, the audience at Flickr is inclined to respond to pretty, and not so much to challenging.

(3) most complex:

duct tape disagreement
Think about it: what interpersonal complexities would provoke somebody to tear off the photo and slap on the duct tape?

Morgan Territory Road

An infundibulum drawing the viewer into some distant destination, the trees looming with intent...

ice needles 2

It's just water in its solid state, but there's nothing simple about the form it has taken as it froze.

This morning in the Back 40

what's up? what's down?


On and on, deeper and deeper. But are we coming or going?

(4) simplest:



Eclipse Day at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

gesture in time and space

schooling2 schooling fishes

Queen Anne1