(A quintessentially English designation for a type of cloth)

winceyette winsi,e.t. f. wincey + -ette; cf. flannelette. A
lightweight napped cotton fabric used for nightclothes, etc. (see
quot. 1955).

* 1922 Daily Mail 14 Nov. 1 (Advt.), Ponting's offer of shirtings
and winceyette.

* 1955 Textile Terms & Definitions in Jrnl. Textile Inst.
(Standardisation) XLVI. s44 Winceyette, a light-weight fabric,
originally and usually of cotton, raised on both sides, the
weave usually being plain or twill.

* 1962 Economist 20 Jan. 253/2 The Nelson [cotton] factory was to
begin production of denim, winceyette, cotton wool and surgical
dressings in May.

* 1979 D. Cook Winter Doves ii. v. 87 She applied the paste with
two fingers, wiping them clean on her Winceyette nightdress.