Wallah in the Oxford English Dictionary
Patriot-wallahs wallah (1785) in Seton-Karr Sel. Calcutta Gaz. (1864) I. 93
A band of good Patriot-wallahs. ''
Punkah-wallah punkah (1857) A. Case Let. 6 Aug. in Day by Day at Lucknow (1858) v.133
Last night..a shell burst close to our door, just behind the punkah wallah. ''
Oont-wallah oont (1862) Mrs. J. B. Speid Our Last Yrs. in India ix. 214
The Oont-wallah or camel-man. ''
banghy wallahs wallah (1863) Trevelyan Compet. Wallah v. (1864) 113
My suite comprised sixteen bearers,..and four banghy wallahs. ''
Competition-wallah competitio (1863) All Year R. X. 203 (heading)
CompetitionWallahs. ''
Competition Wallahs wallah (1863) Trevelyan Compet. Wallah i. (1864) 9
Stories against the Competition Wallahs,..are told... For instance: Story showing the Pride of Wallahs.-A Wallah being invited to dinner by a Member of Council, went out before the whole company. ''
howdah-wallahs wallah (1863) Trevelyan Compet. Wallah vi. 176
Strange stories these old howdah-wallahs could tell us, if they had the gift of speech!''
howdah-wallahs pad (1864) Trevelyan Compet. Wallah (1866) 151
We found the pad elephants, forty-four in number; which, with the howdah-wallahs, gave us a line of four dozen. ''
topee-wallahs topi (1864) Trevelyan Compet. Wallah (1866) 44
The idea got about that they were to be forcibly turned into topee-wallahs, hat-fellows, a synonym for the hated name of Frank or Christian.''
Punkah-wallah punkah (1864) Trevelyan Compet. Wallah (1866) 118
What well-regulated female can make dress an object in a society of a dozen people..; or music, when her audience consists of a Punkah-wallah and a Portuguese Ayah? ''
Competition-wallah competitio (1864) Trevelyan (title),
Letters of a Competition-wallah. ''
Competition-wallah competitio (1864) Trevelyan (title 9 )
The stories against the competition-wallahs, which are told and fondly believed by the Haileybury men. ''
tappal-wallah tappal (1865) Daily Tel. 12 Dec. 7/2
The tappal-wallah does not turn up with the letters at the proper time.''
dandy-wallahs dandy (1870) C. F. Gordon Cumming in Gd. Words 135/1
As the darkness closed in, my dandy-wallahs stumbled, so that I had to give up the attempt to use the dandy, and struggle on on foot. ''
wallah wallah (1872) Aliph Cheem (Yeldham) Lays of Ind (1876) 142
Each unemployed wallah so surely applies To be kindly allowed in that Station to stay, Doing his nothing, and drawing his pay. ''
competition Wallah pig (1873) Punch 21 June 262/2
Government finds that in producing the competition Wallah, it has driven its pigs to a pretty market.''
Competition-wallah competitio (1878) Sat. Rev. 15 June 750 (Y.)
The Competition-Wallah, at home on leave or retirement, dins perpetually into our ears the greatness of India. ''
Punkah-wallahing punkah (1890) Sarah J. Duncan Social Depart. 259
He had never, in the whole course of his punkah-wallahing, been told to stop before.''
clothes wallah wallah (1894) Mrs. Dyan Man's Keeping (1899) 195
`The Inseparables'..came in to superintend his toilet, accompanied by a ready-made clothes wallah and a barber. ''
police-wallahs nut-cut (1901) Kipling Kim. iv. 107
`That is a nut-cut (rogue),' she said. `All police-constables are nut-cuts; but the police-wallahs are the worst.'''
Oont-wallah oont (1902) Chambers's Jrnl. July 431/1
To judge from the selection of pillage, some one conversant with the interior economy of the caravan was involved, and it was significant that a number of the oont-wallahs (camel-drivers) were missing. ''
wallah wallah (1911) Sir W. F. Butler Autob. iii. 45
M. sleeps. Enter the wallahs and servants.''
big-ship wallahs wallah (1917) Blackw. Mag. Sept. 299/1
Now, those fellows..those big-ship wallahs-they're only just beginning to take Us seriously.''
Base-wallah base (1919) W. Deeping Second Youth xxix. 251
This Base-wallah of a doctor. ''
dak-wallah dak (1923) Blackw. Mag. Nov. 678/2
My old dak-wallah..had scented the battle from afar. ''
lathi-wallahs lathi (1924) R. Graves Mock Beggar Hall 64
Then the new power, foreseeing grave events Calls out the lathi-wallahs to line the streets.''
Ground wallah ground (1925) Fraser &. Gibbons Soldier &. Sailor Words 112
*Ground wallah, an Air Force term for a member of the R.A.F. whose duties were concerned with administrative, or office and aerodrome technical work.''
Mungy wallah munga (1925) Fraser &. Gibbons Soldier &. Sailor Words 161
Mungy wallah, a man employed in the Cook House. ''
sampan-wallah sampan (1932) Times Lit. Suppl. 29 Sept. 693/3
In time he became a sampan-wallah. ''
knife-wallahs knife (1932) Kipling Limits &. Renewals 350
And leave you knife-wallahs to kill our patients? ''
rickshaw-wallah rickshaw (1933) M. Lowry Ultramarine iii. 144
The rickshaw-wallah ran away with us, his sandals padding. ''
sampan-wallah sampan (1934) G. Orwell Burmese Days vii. 123
The successful sampan-wallah turned and discharged at his rival a mouthful of spittle.''
pani-wallah pani-walla (1934) G. Orwell Burmese Days xxv. 368
Ba Pe is pani-wallah in the same house at sixteen rupees a month. ''
pani-wallah pani-walla (1936) W. H. S. Smith Let. 2 Aug. in Young Man's Country (1977) ii. 20
church wallahs wallah (1940) E. Pound Cantos lx. 90
The European church wallahs wonder if this can be reconciled. ''
tonga wallah tonga (1942) M. R. Anand Sword &. Sickle i. 27
A tonga wallah called rudely. ''
gen wallah clueless (1943) C. H. Ward-Jackson Piece of Cake 22 `
I'm clueless'-I don'tknow; or, `He's a clueless type'-the opposite of a gen wallah.''
janker-wallahs jankers (1946) Penguin New Writing XXVII. 72,
I stepped into the hall of B.H.Q. over two janker-wallahs. ''
staff-wallah staff (1951) R. Campbell Light on Dark Horse xi. 145
A family connection who was only a *staff-wallah, and jealous of my being a soldier.''
Jadoo-wallah rope (1953) L. H. Branson Lifetime of Deception xxxviii. 206
The Indian `Jadoo-wallah' is a much over-rated performer, particularly as the world-famous Indian rope trick has never been performed. This is a statement of fact.''
night-and-day wallahs wallah (1955) Times 15 June 3/5
Thousands of the lorries were being worked for 12, 14, 16, and 18 hours a night, with tragic results. The term used on the roads to describe these drivers was `night-and-day wallahs'. ''
Box Wallahs box (1956) W. Slim Defeat into Victory 133
It was the `Box Wallahs', the commercial community, who in those hot, anxious months..turned Eas tern India into a base and workshop..for Burma.''
pani-wallah pani-walla (1957) D. G. O. Baillie Sea Affair 244
Pani-wallahs..are not really watermen at all, but oilmen, or greasers. ''
expense-account-wallahs expense (1959) R. Postgate Good Food Guide 1959-1960 387
The eaters were given precisely the same attentive service as the expe nse-account-wallahs. ''
Base-wallah base (1962) P. Purser Peregrination 22 xv. 69
Some of the chaps are going to cross an ice-cap... Not me..Strictly a base-wallah.''
wallah wallah (1965) A. Nicol Truly Married Woman 32
There's no end to what you wallahs in the administration would do to show your damned official b roadmindedness. ''
staff-wallah staff (1969) V. de S. Pinto City that Shone viii. 161
She's chock full of bleeding staff-wallahs. ''
trick-cyclist wallah trick (1971) P. Scott Towers of Silence v. iii. 345
That's why the trick-cyclist wallah insists on coming. ''
C.I.D. wallahs high (1973) J. Wainwright Pride of Pigs 18
High-rankers and C.I.D wallahs bobbing in and out.''
wallah wallah (1974) Courier-Mail (Brisbane) 7 June 7/3
Some wallahs in Canberra are sitting in air-conditioned offices telling us what has been flo oded and what hasn't.''
pan-wallah pan (1975) O. Sela Bengali Inheritance xix. 166
That bloody pan-wallah..lied to you.''
tonga wallah tonga (1978) M. M. Kaye Far Pavilions ii. x. 155
Tell the tonga-wallah to wait.''
music wallah wallah (1982) B. Trapido Brother of more Famous Jack xxxvi. 124,
I thought briefly of Roger who, being a music wallah, had always made a thing of St. Cecilia's Day.''