1601 Shaks. All's Well ii. ii. 18 
     It is like a Barbers chaire that fits all buttockes, the *pin
     buttocke, the quatch-buttocke, the brawn buttocke, or any buttocke. 

     1725 Bradley Fam. Dict. s.v. Rules buying horse, The narrow pin 
     Buttock, the Hog or Swine-Rump,..are full of Deformity. 




quitch, v. Obs. exc. dial. Forms: ; 1 cweccan, (cu-), 3 quecchen, 
queche, 6 queech, queatche, 6-7 que(t)ch; ; (? 3 cwich, quic), 5 
qvycch-, qvyhch-, qvytchyn, quycche, 6 quytch(e, quyche, quich, 6-7 
quitch, 9 dial. quitchy; ; 6 (9 dial.) quatch. Pa. t. 1
cwhte, 1, 3 cwehte, 3 quehte, qu-, cuahte, 4 quei(3) te, qua3te; also 6 
quitched, 6-7 quetched, 7 quatched, quitcht. OE. cwe(hook)ccan:-*cwacjan, 
causative from the root *cwac-: see quake, and cf. OS. quekilik glossing 
L. versatilem or vibrabilem (gladium). See also aquetch.

1. trans. To shake; to brandish; to drive, chase. Obs. (OE. and early ME.)

     C. 825 Vesp. Psalter vii. 13 Nemne (asg)e sien (asg)ecerde, sweord 
     his [he] cweced. 

     C. 1000 Ags. Gosp. Matt. xxvii. 39 Tha we(asg)ferenden..cwehton [v.r. cwhton] heora

     C. 1205 Lay. 23907 Heo quehten [C. 1275 cwehten] heore scaftes. 

     C. 1205 Lay. 31475 Hi3endliche he heom quehte ouer pere Humbre.

2. intr. Of things: To shake, tremble. Obs.