Pshaw in the Oxford English Dictionary
pshaw(1673)Wycherley Gentl. Dancing Master iii,
``Mons. Pshaw! wat do you tell me of the matche! ''
high-flyer(1694)Crowne Married Beau ii. Dram. Wks. 1874 IV. 278
`Oh! pshaw, our hearts are seldom such high flyers. ''
vixen(1700)Congreve Way of World iv. 54
``Pshaw, what a Vixon trick is this? ''
stow(1710)C. Shadwell Fair Quaker Deal i. i. 15
`[A sailor speaks.] Pshaw, who would not stand all this, to have their upper and lower Teer well Stow'd with Flip? ''
pshaw(1712)Steele Spect. No. 438 &page.3
`Pishes and Pshaws, or other well-bred Interjections. ''
gum(1751)Smollett Per. Pic. xvi. I. 115
``Pshaw! brother, there's no occasion to bowss out so much unnecessary gum. ''
bouse(1751)Smollett Per. Pic xiv. (D.)
`Pshaw! brother, there's no occasion to bowss out so much unnecessary gum [i.e. palaver].''
pshaw(1759)Sterne Tr. Shandy I. xvii,
``My father travelled none of the best of moods-pshawing and pishing all the way down. ''
hop(1760)Sterne Tr. Shandy (ed. 3) I. xii. 48
``Yorick..would as often answer with a pshaw!-and if the subject was started in the fields-with a hop, skip, and a jump, at the end of it. ''
pshaw(1768)Baretti Mann. &. Cust. Italy I. 277
``To answer me with an angry pshaw.''
stuff(1770)Foote Lame Lover i. 10
``Pshaw! nonsense and stuff.-The eye! ''
half(1777)Sheridan Sch. Scand. iv. iii
``Pshaw! he is too moral by half. ''
conundrum(1790)Wolcott (P. Pindar) Elegy to Apollo Wks. (1812) II. 278
`The Riddle and Conundrum-mongers cry Pshaw! ''
pshaw(1798)Frere, etc. in Anti-Jacobin No. 31 (1852) 174
``'Pshaw! what, ever blundering!-you drive me from my patience.''
pooh(1798)Charlotte Smith Yng. Philos. I. 44
``The Doctor..pshaw'd and pooh'd for some time. ''
pooh pooh(1798)Charlotte Smith Yng. Philos. I. 6
``Before the Doctor had vented his pshaws and pooh poohs. ''
tush(1819)Scott Ivanhoe xl[i]v,
``Cedric tushed and pshawed more than once at the message. ''
fie(1820)Scott Monast. I. ii. 105
``The child reddened..while the mother, with many a fye and nay pshaw [etc.].''
sarsenet(1820)Scott Monast. ii,
``With many a fye and nay pshaw, and such sarsenet chidings as tender mothers give to spoiled children.''
mister(1830)Miss Mitford Village Ser. v. (1863) 338
``Mr. Warde-pshaw! he is too eminent a man to be mistered! John Warde, the celebrated fox-hunter. ''
smell(1830)G. Cruikshank Gentl. in Black i. (1831) 5
```Confound this head-ache.'..`Pshaw! pshaw! smell this bottle,' said the stranger. ''
pish(1840)Hood Kilmansegg, Her precious Leg x,
``She writh'd with impatience..And utter'd `pshaws!' and `pishes!'''
pshaw(1840)Hood Kilmansegg, Her precious Leg x,
``She writh'd with impatience more than pain, And uttered `pshaws!'and `pishes!' ''
nature(1841)Thackeray Second Funeral of Napoleon iii. 67
``In the matter of gentleman democrats, cry pshaw! Give us one of nature's gentlemen, and hang your aristocrats! ''
pshaw(1845)Stoddart Gram. in Encycl. Metrop. I. 179/1
``Pish and different shades of contempt, the latter showing more of ill humour and vexation than the former.''"
bad(1846)J. J. Hooper Adv. Simon Suggs vii. 94
```Pshaw!' said Suggs, `you aint bad hurt.' ''
mewing(1849)James Woodman xviii`
Pshaw, I am sick of their mewing. ''
shoo(1856)P. Thompson Hist. Boston 722
``Shoo or Shah. Pshaw! a peevish reply. ''
pshaw(1862)Mrs. H. Wood Mrs. Hallib. iii. xiv,
```Pshaw!' was the peevish ejaculation of Mr. Dare. ''
pish(1864)Hawthorne S. Felton (1883) 333
``The learned man..pished and pshawed.''
O(1874)Walch Head over Heels 42
```Pshaw', cried Sandy (Clan MacTavish) In his beautiful O.P. Scotch. ''
pshaw(1891)Longm. Mag. Sept. 45
``Don't `Pshaw!' at me.''
hum(1893)J. S. Winter Aunt Johnnie II. 93
``He hum'd at the cutlets and he pshaw'd at the salad.''
pshaw(1901)Blackw. Mag. Feb. 247/1
``He pshawed his melancholy vapours.''
shoot(1934)Webster 2319/2
`Shoot.., interj. Pshaw! Bother!-often with it. ''