Hobson-Jobson ho(hook).bs<e>n d3o(hook).bs<e>n . Anglo-Ind. Also 7 Hosseen Gosseen, Hossy Gossy; 8 Hossein Jossen, Hassan Hassa n, etc. Corruption by British soldiers in India of Arab. Ya Hasan! Ya Husayn! = O Hasan! O Husain!

1. Anglicized form of the repeated wailings and cries of Muslims as they beat their breasts in th e Muharram procession; hence this festal ceremony. Also transf. Hasan and Husain, grandsons of Muhammad, were killed while fighting for the faith.


a. Used as the title of a famous collection of Anglo-Indian words.


the law of Hobson-Jobson

the law of Hobson-Jobson: a phrase somet imes used of the process of adapting a foreign word to the sound-system of the adopting language. So