Elvis in the Oxford English Dictionary
clone(1979) Whig-Standard (Kingston, Ontario) 13 Nov. 23/1
The 32-year-old is not one of a myriad of Elvis clones who came out of the woodwork when the King died two years ago. ''
docudrama(1981) Listener 17 &. 24 Dec. 790/2
In the excellent docudrama film, This is Elvis, there is a painful sequence..when Elvis..attempts to sing `Are You Lonesome Tonight?'. ''
duck(1969) N. Cohn AWopBopaLooBop (1970) vi. 55
He looked like another sub-Elvis, smooth flesh and *duck-ass hair. ''
elf (1513) Douglas &Ae.neis viii. vi. 7
Wyth Nymphis and Favnis apoun euery syde, Quhilk fairfolkis, or than elvis, clepyng we. ''
million (1969) N. Cohn AWopBopaLooBop (1970) iii. 27
He [sc. Elvis Presley] has racked up twenty worldwide *million sellers. ''
new wave (1980) Washington Post Mag. 18 May 28/5
The first bands I heard referred to as New Wave were Englishmen Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson and the Police. ''
peon (1977) Time 6 June 42/2
He [sc. Elvis Presley] periodically tossed a sweat-stained scarf to the peons below.''
plunk (1977) Time 29 Aug. 24/1
He [sc. Elvis Presley] had wandered into Sun Records with his guitar, two summers before, plunked down &dollar.4 to sing a couple of tune s to his mother.''
quiff (1968) J. Ironside Fashion Alphabet 197
Quiff, where the hair falls forward over the forehead before being brushed back. Made fashionable by Elvis Presley and Cli ff Richard, so adapted for girls. ''
record (1977) Listener 25 Aug. 247/2
Elvis had been doing it..already, on a little Tennessee record label. ''
rock (1956) Look 26 June 45
Elvis Presley. The hottest thing rockin', sings throbbing lyrics that sound almost unintelligible. ''
rockabilly(1976) Time 27 Sept. 90/3
Honky-tonk songs..came out of Texas in the late 1930s and early '40s. Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis adapted the style to rock 'n' roll i n the '50s. Sometimes called rockabilly, it celebrates booze, gambling, fighting, steppin' out, temptation and, like all country music, love. ''
rockabilly(1968) Rolling Stone 25 May 1/3
They called Elvis the `rockabilly'. ''
rock and r(1956) Observer 30 Dec. 8/8
What else happened in 1956? Elvis Presley happened. So did Rock 'n' Roll. ''
rock and r(1977) Times 18 Apr. (Gramophone Suppl.) p. iv/3
By the 1950s..popular music was to make another revolution for the record business... The rock'n'roll craze symbolized in the figure of Elvis Presley. ''
rock and r(1966) Listener 20 Oct. 568/1
There were already a dozen or so young people rocking and rolling wildly to some vintage discs of Elvis Presley. ''
Sellotape (1976) Daily Tel. (Colour Suppl.) 14 May 36/3
There are four pictures (one bought in Piccadilly, the others from Elvis Monthly) Sellotaped to the wall.''
tatty (1980) Times Lit. Suppl. 3 Oct. 1118/5
The novel is firmly set in the very recent past..and rock music, fashion, the death of Elvis, the tattiness of London are d escribed in detail.''
wham-bam (1976) Publishers Weekly 4 Oct. 65/2
Harbinson on Elvis..ticks off the outrageous `Hound Dog' of pop music in wham-bam style. ''