"differenti""1644""J. Strickland in Spurgeon Treas. Da"
"God is said to be in heaven differentially, so as he is not anywhere else. "
"differenti""1646""Sir T. Browne Pseud. Ep. vi. xxviii"
"When biting serpents are mentioned in the Scripture they are not differentially set down from such as mischief by stin gs. "
"differenti""1647""H. More Song of Soul i. ii. xii,"
"This be understood Of differentiall profunditie. "
"differenti""1652""Gaule Magastrom. 77"
"Any quality of sympathy or antipathy"
"differenti""1702""Ralphson Math. Dict. s.v. Fluxions,"
"A different way..passes..in France under the Name of Leibnitz's Differential Calculus, or Calculus of Differences. "< /td>
"differenti""1704""J. Harris Lex. Techn. s.v. Fluxion,"
"This Method is much..shorter than..the French one with the Differential d multiplied into the Flowing Quantity, to de note the Fluxion. "
"differenti""1706""H. Ditton Instit. Fluxions 17"
"The Fundamental Principles [of Fluxions]..appear to be more accurate, clear, and convincing than those of the Differential Calculus. "
"summatory""1710""J. Harris Lex. Techn. II,"
"Summatory Calculus, according to some, is the same with the Calculus Differentialis of Leibnitz; but more properly Summatory Ar ithmetick, is the Art of finding the flowing Quantity, from the Fluxion."
"tetragonis""1710""J. Harris Lex. Techn. II,"
"Tetragonistick Calculus, is the same with the Summatory or Differential Calculus of Leibnitz. "
"method""1718-19""Phil. Trans. XXX. 923"
"A letter of M. l'Abb&eacu. Conti..concerning the dispute about the Invention of the Method of Fluxions, or Differential Method. "
"integrable""1727-41""Chambers Cycl. s.v. Calculus,"
"The differential quantity to be integrated..must.. be reduced to an integrable finite, or an infinite series. "
"integral""1727-41""Chambers Cycl. s.v. Calculus,"
"The integral Calculus..is the inverse of the differential one. "
"integral""1727-41""Chambers Cycl. s.v. Calculus,"
"&215.ydx will denote the sum, or integral of the differential ydx. "
"integrate""1727-41""Chambers Cycl. s.v. Calculus,"
"Any variable or flowing quantity can be differenced; but, vice versa, any differential cannot be integrated. "
"difference""1727-51""Chambers Cycl.,"
"Differential calculus..is a method of differencing quantities; that is, of finding a differential, or infinitely small quantity, which , taken an infinite number of times, is equa l to a given quantity. "
"differenti""1727-51""Chambers Cycl. s.v.,"
"Mr. Leibnitz..calls it differential calculus, as considering the infinitely small quantities..as the differences of the quantitie s; and, accordingly, expressing them by the letter d prefixed: as the differential of x by dx. "
"differenti""1727-51""Chambers Cycl.,"
"Differential, in the doctrine of logarithms. Kepler calls the logarithms of tangents, differentiales; which we usually call artificial tangents. "
"differenti""1727-51""Chambers Cycl.,"
"Differentio-differential Calculus is a method of differencing differential quantities..the same, in effect, with the differential."
"element""1727-51""Chambers Cycl.,"
"Element of an area, called also its differential, is the rectangle..of the semi-ordinate..into the differential of the absciss. "
"differenti""1730-6""Bailey (folio),"
"Differential of any quantity, is the fluxion of that quantity. "
"differenti""1733""Cheyne Eng. Malady ii. xi. §.1"
"The great differential Marks of the Distemper will appear. "
"differenti""1763""W. Emerson Meth. Increments 75"
"A differential equation. "
"interpolat""1763""Emerson Meth. Increments iv,"
"The Differential Method of Mr. Sterling, which he applies to the summation and interpolation of series. "
"differenti""1768-74""Tucker Lt. Nat. (1852) I. 406"
"Weight is made by the differential, not the absolute pressure of ether. "
"differenti""1788""Howard Cycl. I. 424"
"Multiply the differential of [each] factor into the other factor, the sum of the two [products] is the differential sought. "
"calculus""1796""Hutton Math. Dict. I. 234"
"We say the Arithmetical or Numeral Calculus, the Algebraical Calculus, the Differential Calculus, the Exponential Calculus, the F luxional Calculus, the Integral Calculus, th e Literal or Symbolical Calculus, etc...Algebraical, Literal or Symbolical Ca"
"analytic""1802""Woodhouse in Phil. Trans. XCII. 95"
"In the present state of analytic science, there is no certain and direct method of integrating differential equations. "
"integrate""1802""Woodhouse in Phil. Trans. XCII. 94"
"To integrate these differential equations. "
"differenti""1804""J. Leslie Heat 9"
"The instrument most essential in this research..was the differential thermometer. "
"differenti""1808""Edin. Rev. Jan. 256"
"The general methods of integrating the differential equations above mentioned. "
"particular""1814""P. Barlow New Math. &. Philos. Dict"
"Particular Integral, in the Integral Calculus, is that which arises in the integration of any differential equation, by giving a particular value to the arbitrary quantity or quantities that enter into the general integral. "
"descending""1816""tr. Lacroix's Diff. &. Int. Calculu"
"If we wished to have a descending series with respect to x, we must give the proposed differential the form [etc.]. "
"differenti""1816""tr. Lacroix's Diff. &. Int. Calculu"
"The limit of the ratio of the increments, or the differential coefficient, will be obtained. "
"differenti""1816""tr. Lacroix's Diff. &. Int. Calculu"
"The differential coefficient being a new function..may itself be differentiated. "
"indetermin""1816""tr. Lacroix's Diff. &. Int. Calculu"
"We may take the successive differentials, by making those of the two indeterminates, which are considered as functions of the third, vary at the same time. "
"partial""1816""tr. Lacroix's Diff. &. Int. Calculu"
"Usually expressed by saying that one is the partial differential relative to x, and the other the partial differential relative to y. "
"partial""1816""Peacock &. Herschel tr. Lacroix's E"
"The general method of integrating differentials of the above form, consists in decomposing them into others, whose denominators are more simple, which we designate by the name of partial fractions. "
"rationaliz""1816""tr. Lacroix's Diff. &. Int. Calculu"
"The differential function..may be rationalized. "
"solid""1816""tr. Lacroix's Diff. &. Int. Calculu"
"To find the differentials of the volumes and curve surfaces of solids of revolution. "
"variabilit""1816""tr. Lacroix's Diff. &. Int. Calculu"
"From this may be deduced the differential coefficient of z, relative to the variability of x. "
"variable""1816""tr. Lacroix's Diff. &. Int. Calculu"
"The limit of the ratio..will be obtained by dividing the differential of the function by that of the variable. "
"differenti""1819""G. Peacock (title),"
"Comparative view of the fluxional and differential Calculus. "
"differenti""1819""G. Peacock View Fluxional &. Diff."
"The Differential is but the measure of the rate of increase. "
"fluxional""1823""Mitchell Dict. Math. &. Phys. Sc.,"
"Fluxional Analysis is the analysis of fluxions and flowing quantities, distinguishable from the differential calculus both by its metaphysics and notation. "
"exact""1825""D. Lardner Elem. Treat. Differentia"
"As there are many differentials of two variables which are not exact differentials, so also there are many differential equations which are not the immediate differen tials of any primitive equation. "
"potential""1828""G. Green Applic. Math. Anal. to Ele"
"Nearly all the attractive and repulsive forces..in nature are such, that if we consider any material point p, the effect, in a given direction, of all the forces acting upon that point, arising from any system of bodies S under consideration, will be"
"fluxion""1830""Herschel Stud. Nat. Phil. iii. iii."
"The method of fluxions, or, as it is now more generally called, the differential calculus. "
"symptomati""1830-2""Carleton Traits (1842)"
"The differential symptomatics between a Party Fight..and one between two Roman Catholic Factions."
"infinitesi""1831""Hind Princ. Differ. Calc. 116"
"The method of Infinitesimals adopted by Leibnitz as the foundation of his Differential Calculus. "
"aethriosco""1832""U. K. S. Nat. Philos. II. iv. 44"
"The &Ae.thrioscope of Leslie is another modification of the differential thermometer."
"galvanomet""1832""Nat. Philos., Electro-Magnet. viii."
"For the purpose of comparing the intensities of two electrical currents, an instrument has been contrived, which has been termed the Differential Galvanometer. ' '"
"pyro-""1832""Nat. Philos. II. Therm. &. Pyrom. i"
"When one ball of the differential thermometer is smoothly covered with thick silver leaf, or inclosed in a polished sphere of silver, and the other ball is naked, it forms the pyroscope. "
"untouchabl""1833""S. Austin Char. Goethe I. 185"
"Differentializing the Unchangeable and Untouchable."
"differenti""1834""Mech. Mag. XXI. 3"
"Saxton's differential pulley. "
"differenti""1834""Mech. Mag. 6"
"The `locomotive differential pulley' can never be made to answer the expectations of the inventor. "
"initial""1834""W. Hamilton in Phil. Trans. R. Soc."
"The problem of integrating these [differential] equations consists in proposing to assign, by their means, six relations between the time t, the masses m1 m2, the s ix varying coordinates..and their initial values and initial rates of increase. "
"differenti""1835""Macaulay Ess., Mackintosh's Hist. R"
"We submit that a wooden spoon of our day would not be justified in calling Galileo and Napier blockheads, because the y never heard of the differential calculus.'' "
"calculus""1837""Carlyle Fr. Rev. (1872) III. ii. i."
"Science which cannot with all its calculuses, differential, integral, and of variations, calculate the Problem of Three gravitating Bodies. "
"inducto-""1839""Faraday Exp. Researches I. 416,"
"I beg to propose for it..the name of Differential Inductometer. "
"complementary""1841""D. F. Gregory Examples of Processes"
"As operating factors of the form (d/dx)2 + n2 very frequently occur in differential equations, it is convenient to keep in mind that the complem entary functio n due to it is of the form C cos nx + C&p. sin nx. "