Beatle (1968) Courier-Mail (Brisbane) 22 June 3/3 ``Of the
      Beatles he [sc. Maharishi Yogi] said: `..They weren't prepared
      to end their beatledom for meditation.'''
bleacher (1964) Sun-Herald (Brisbane) 21 June 136/5 ``Those
      empty bleachers at the Beatles' concerts on Thursday and
      Friday. ''
capacity (1965) Listener 16 Sept. 416/3 ``A Hard Day's Night
      is running in six cinemas... The Beatles do capacity
Carnaby St(1969) C. Booker Neophiliacs iii. 80 ``Why was it
      going to be Britain that would produce the Beatles and Carnaby
      Street and television satire..?''
ciggy (1968) Scottish Daily Mail 3 Jan. 6 ``What had been
      `fags' became `ciggies' because The Beatles always talked of
      ciggies. ''
dreamscape(1967) Guardian 27 Dec. 5/5 ``The Beatles free among
      the dreamscapes whose poignancy their photography caught so
      well. ''
gear (1963) Today 30 Nov. 15 (caption) ``They're gear! The
      Beatles leave for London after their triumphant tour of Sweden.''
hep (1970) Cape Times 28 Oct. 1/8 ``Are you hep to what the
      Beatles are saying? ''
hully gull(1969) N. Cohn AWopBopaLooBop (1970) ix. 85
      ``Dance-crazes bossed pop right up until the Beatles broke.
      There was the Hully Gully, the Madison, [etc.].''
jerk (1969) N. Cohn AWopBopaLooBop (1970) ix. 85
      ``Dance-crazes bossed pop right up until the Beatles broke...
      The Jerk and the Block. ''
jusqu'au b(1968) Listener 4 July 12/1 ``The rhetoric of the
      klieg-lit European student leaders spouting mocking
      jusqu'auboutisme like post-Marxist Beatles.''
kvetch (1965) Holiday July 98 ``The Beatles..came along in the
      middle of a wave of kvetching-songs constantly stressing the
      negative. ''
Liverpool (1963) Daily Tel. 10 Dec. 13 ``A show by the
      Beatles, the `Liverpool sound' group, was not typical of `pop'
      concerts. ''
Madison (1969) C. Booker Neophiliacs vii. 177 ``In the same
      month of October [1962]..the unknown Beatles first joined the
      fashionable beat of the Madison in the charts.''
maharishi (1972) Guardian 1 Nov. 10/6 ``The Beatles..turned to
      the Maharishi, but he let them down.''
marijuana (1965) New Statesman 10 Dec. 916/2 ``The politician
      who gave the Beatles the MBE..knows that if he suddenly cut off
      about 20 million young addicts from their supply of aural
      marijuana the withdrawal effects could produce unpleasant
      political side-effects.''
Mersey (1963) Meet the Beatles 12/2 ``The Beatles, undoubted
      monarchs of the Mersey Beat scene. ''
monkey (1969) N. Cohn AWopBopaLooBop (1970) ix. 85
      ``Dance-crazes bossed pop right up until the Beatles broke.
      There was the Hully Gully, the Madison,..the Monkey. ''
nutty (1963) Daily Mirror 6 Nov. 2/3 ``You have to be a real
      sour square not to love the nutty, noisy, happy, handsome
      Beatles. ''
phallophor(1964) New Statesman 13 Mar. 398/1 ``The puppets
      looked more phallophoric than the Beatles themselves. As the
      taped Beatle music rose to a pitch, the jiggling became an
      almost indecent enactment of sexual rhythm. ''
pony (1969) N. Cohn AWopBopaLooBop (1970) ix. 85 ``Dance
      crazes bossed pop right up until the Beatles broke. There was
      the Hully Gully, the Madison, the Fly, the Pony [etc.].''
pretty-boy(1973) M. Amis Rachel Papers 98 ``She was referring
      to the Beatles record (late-middle period-between pretty-boy
      rock and bleared occult) which had just come to an end. ''
promotion (1977) Rolling Stone 19 May 14/4 ``Bennett formerly
      worked as a Beatles promotion man. ''
reggae (1973) G. Sims Hunters Point xiii. 120 ``I'm a reggae
      fan. West Indian music. And early Beatles like `From Me to
      You'. ''
sassy (1977) Spare Rib July 50/1, ``I learned a lot of things
      from the Beatles about sassiness. I always thought they were
      sassy, that was my label for them. ''
sing-along(1967) Melody Maker 1 Apr. 9 ``How can the Beatles'
      best..single yet be ousted by so many sing-along melodies and
      slush-ridden lyrics? ''
sitar (1966) Melody Maker 7 May 10 ``Since George Harrison
      introduced the sitar on `Norwegian Wood' on the Beatles'
      `Rubber Soul' album there has been an intense interest in this
      Indian instrument. ''
skull (1968) T. Wolfe Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test xv. 205
      ``They [sc. the Beatles] have brought this whole mass of human
      beings to the point where they are..out of their skulls. ''
sloganize (1981) Times Lit. Suppl. 15 May 548/1 ``The success
      of `All You Need is Love'..encouraged the Beatles to try their
      hand at sloganizing.''
slot (1968) Listener 4 Jan. 27/1 ``The television slotting
      system..separates programmes into categories... But slotting
      also creates a climate in which surprise is unwelcome...
      Slotted into one of the arts programme times the Beatles' film
      would hardly have raised a whisper. ''
squaddie (1970) Daily Tel. (Colour Suppl.) 30 Oct. 25/4 ``Most
      of the Beatles have been seen several times, as have Danny
      Cohn-Bendit, Jean-Jacques Lebel, the CIA, of course, and drug
      squaddies with joss sticks and beards. ''
yippie (1968) Listener 3 Oct. 428/2 ``One student outlines his
      own theories to me. `This whole scene began with Dylan, the
      Beatles, and of course pot.' Another complains that the
      militants need a sense of humour and hopes the Yippies move in
      with their `politics of ecstasy'. ''