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   1.  A (1919) Whitaker's Alman. 144/1 ``The Air Force Cross. 
      1918-*A.F.C.-Instituted..for acts of courage or devotion to 
      duty when flying, although not in active operations against the 
      enemy. '' 
   2.  A (1919) London Gaz. (Suppl. 5) 19 Dec. 15840/2 ``Actg. 
      Serjeant Elmo O'Neal Bearden, *A.F.M. (South Russia). '' 
   3.  above (1919) Conrad Arrow of Gold iv. ii. 157 ``The above 
      sequence of thoughts was entirely unsympathetic and it was 
      followed by a feeling of satisfaction that I, at any rate, was 
      not suffering from insomnia. '' 
   4.  abristle (1919) M. Beerbohm Seven Men 180 ``So a-bristle am I 
      with memories of the meetings I had with its author. '' 
   5.  accelerate(1919) B. H. Davies Motor Driving 52 ``The expansion 
      of the cushions of compressed air accelerates them on their 
      downward strokes. '' 
   6.  accepting (1919) R. G. Hawtrey Currency &. Credit vii. 105 
      ``Accepting houses authorise merchants to draw bills, on 
      condition that the necessary funds are provided to meet the 
      bills when due. '' 
   7.  accessory (1919) Lancet 23 Aug. 338/1 ``The kind and degree of 
      accessory factors in the common dietary. '' 
   8.  accessory (1919) Lancet, 23 Aug. 338/1 ``It would be 
      interesting to discover whether they [sc. pickles] fill a gap 
      also by supplying accessory food factors.'' 
   9.  ace (1919) Wodehouse Damsel in Distress ii. 35 ``Put it in 
      your diary, Mac, and write it on your cuff, George Bevan's all 
      right. He's an ace. '' 
  10.  achondropl(1919) [see dwarfism]. 
  11.  acidulatio(1919) L. Strachey Let. 27 Nov. in V. Woolf &. 
      Strachey (1956) 85, ``I have retired, probably permanently, 
      into this acidulation of ice.'' 
  12.  a-crow (1919) W. B. Yeats Two Plays for Dancers 16 ``The 
      strong March birds a-crow, Stretch neck and clap the wing.'' 
  13.  act (1919) F. Hurst Humoresque 300 ``Two specialty acts and a 
      pair of whistling Pierrots. '' 
  14.  actinomyce(1919) S. A. Waksman in Jrnl. Bacteriol. IV. 189 
      ``Studies in the metabolism of the actinomycetes. '' 
  15.  action (1919) G. B. Shaw Heartbreak House Pref. p. xxxix, 
      ``The Higher Drama put out of action. The effect of the war on 
      the London theatres may now be imagined. '' 
  16.  activate (1919) Jrnl. Industr. &. Engin. Chem. XI. 282 ``The 
      development of activated charcoal as a canister filler was 
      largely the work of two Cleveland organizations. '' 
  17.  activate (1919) Science L. 568/1 (title) ``Charcoal 
      activation. '' 
  18.  actuary (1919) W. Thomson Dict. Banking (ed. 2) 13/2 
      ``Actuary, the chief official in a savings bank.'' 
  19.  ad (1919) [see want sb.2]. 
  20.  Adelie (1919) Shackleton South i. 6 ``During the day we had 
      seen adelie and ringed penguins. '' 
  21.  adenoidal (1919) F. Hurst Humoresque 195 ``Whole rows of 
      ladies, with the slightly open-mouthed, adenoidal expression of 
      vicarious romance, sat forward in their chairs. '' 
  22.  ad-lib (1919) F. Hurst Humoresque 265 ```Easy money, friends,' 
      Miss Hoag would ad lib. to the line-up outside her railing. '' 
  23.  adrift (1919) W. H. Downing Digger Dial. 7 ``Adrift, see 
      A.W.L. '' 
  24.  adsorb (1919) Chem. Abstr. XIII. 2477 ``A strongly adsorbable 
      ion will supersede one possessing a lower adsorbing ability. '' 
  25.  adsorb (1919) Chem. Abstr. XIII. 2477 ``The adsorbability of a 
      salt is detd. by that of its component ions. '' 
  26.  adventive (1919) I. Hayward &. G. C. Druce (title) ``The 
      adventive flora of Tweedside. '' 
  27.  adviser (1919) W. J. Mailhoit (title) ``Mailhoit's modern 
      advisor to grocers. '' 
  28.  aerial (1919) H. G. Anderson Med. &. Surg. Aspects of Aviation 
      i. 4 ``The French conceived the idea of having *aerial 
      ambulances to convey quickly the wounded. '' 
  29.  aerial (1919) N. J. Gill Aerial Arm ix. 162 ``Fleets and 
      armies... These ancient services [have] to be reinforced by the 
      new *aerial arm. '' 
  30.  aerial (1919) N. J. Gill Aerial Arm vii. 136 ``Freedom..is 
      blighted by the curse of *aerial bombs. '' 
  31.  aerial (1919) N. J. Gill Aerial Arm 135 ``It is..conceded that 
      there is no form of frightfulness so trying to the nerves as 
      *aerial bombing. '' 
  32.  aerial (1919) H. Shaw Text-bk. Aeronaut. xxii. 249 ``The 
      modern *aerial camera is a modified form of the original 
      `press' camera used in the early days of aerial work. '' 
  33.  aerial (1919) N. J. Gill Aerial Arm v. 100 ``For purposes of 
      self-defence, one or more passengers are carried as *aerial 
      gunners in addition to the pilot. '' 
  34.  aerial (1919) H. Shaw Text-bk. Aeronaut. xxii. 252 ``Only 
      experts can be expected to read all the information that may be 
      contained in an aerial photograph. '' 
  35.  aerial (1919) Aeronautics 2 Oct. 322 (heading) ``Antarctic 
      *Aerial Survey. '' 
  36.  aero- (1919) F. O. Bower Bot. Living Plant viii. 128 ``Such 
      plants are described as `pot-bound'. This condition is due to 
      the fact that the roots grow towards a source of free oxygen... 
      Such a response is styled aerotropism, and roots curving 
      towards the source are positively aerotropic.'' 
  37.  aerostat (1919) W. B. Faraday Gloss. Aeronaut. Terms 54 
      ``Aerostat, a generic term for any type of aircraft which 
      derives its lift chiefly from aerostatic forces. '' 
  38.  affectabil(1919) W. McDougall Introd. Soc. Psychol. (ed. 14) 
      449 ``The most fickle and shallow temper results from the 
      opposite conjunction, namely, high affectability with low 
      intensity and persistence. '' 
  39.  afters (1919) Athen&ae.um 29 Aug. 822/2 ```Afters' is in no 
      sense an army word..beyond the fact that the mass of the army 
      is composed of the working classes... Used in its equivalent 
      sense to sweets, pudding, entremets or dessert, it may not show 
      much imagination. '' 
  40.  after-war (1919) A. A. Milne First Plays 113 ``The most 
      suitable career for a young man in after-war conditions. '' 
  41.  age (1919) G. B. Shaw Heartbreak Ho. i. 28 ``Do you suppose 
      that at my age I make distinctions between one fellow creature 
      and another? '' 
  42.  aggregate (1919) R. W. Lawson in Nature 13 Feb. 464/2 ``To the 
      recoil of a compact cluster of atoms of the active matter when 
      one of the atoms contained in it disintegrates with an ejection 
      of an &alpha.-particle..I recently gave the name of `aggregate 
      recoil'. '' 
  43.  ain't (1919) Mencken Amer. Lang. 146 ``Ain't is already 
      tolerably respectable in the first person..`ain't I in this?' 
  44.  air (1919) Daily Tel. 17 Feb. 6/4 (headline) ``Egypt to the 
      Cape by Air. '' 
  45.  air (1919) Daily Tel. 17 Feb. 6/4 (headline 19 Feb. 12/6 
      (headline) )``Heroes of the Air. '' 
  46.  air (1919) Daily Tel. 17 Feb. 6/4 (headline 19 Feb. 12/6 
      (headline 13/4 (headline) )``Who Owns the Air? '' 
  47.  air (1919) W. B. Faraday Gloss. Aeronaut. Terms 55 ``*Air 
      Scoop, a projecting cowl, which, by using the dynamic pressure 
      of the relative wind or slip stream, serves to maintain air 
      pressure in the interior of the envelope. '' 
  48.  air (1919) H. S. Betts Timber v. 150 ``A kiln is used also 
      when partially air-seasoned or even fully air-seasoned material 
      is to be dried further. '' 
  49.  air (1919) Sphere 6 Dec. p. viii/1 ``Fifteen hundred air miles 
      at 107 m.p.h. '' 
  50.  air (1919) Geogr. Jrnl. LIII. 330 (heading) ``Air Photography 
      in Archaeology. '' 
  51.  air (1919) Geogr. Jrnl. LIII. 330 (heading, ) ``Had I not been 
      in possession of these air-photographs the city would probably 
      have been merely shown by meaningless low mounds. '' 
  52.  air (1919) Liverpool Jrnl. Commerce 20 Nov. 6/4 ``Within the 
      past few months regular air post services have sprung into 
      being. '' 
  53.  air (1919) Conquest Dec. 65/1 ``The successful execution of 
      aerial acrobatics involves the possession..of that indefinable 
      quality which, for want of a better word, we will call 
      `air-sense'. '' 
  54.  air (1919) Sphere 1 Nov. p. x/3 ``Outside the R.A.F. there 
      were no records of a daily air service to guide the Avro 
      company in organising such an undertaking. '' 
  55.  air (1919) Sphere 10 May 108/1 ``The air terminus for London 
      is Hounslow. '' 
  56.  air (1919) Flight XI. 1044 ``His Majesty..has approved of new 
      titles for the commissioned ranks of the Royal Air Force..Air 
      Commodore. '' 
  57.  air (1919) Air Vice-Marshal [see marshal sb.]. 
  58.  air (1919) Athen&ae.um 23 May 360/2 ```Air-base', 
      `aircraft',..`air mechanic', [etc.]..are now everyday terms. '' 
  59.  aircraft (1919) Times 30 Dec. 4/6 ``The aircraft carrier 
      Hermes..is to be towed from the Tyne to Devonport. '' 
  60.  air-line (1919) Sphere 22 Mar. 254/2 ``Flying routes will soon 
      show a tendency to become fixed, just as birds fly along `air 
      lines' from point to point.'' 
  61.  airport (1919) Aerial Age Weekly 14 Apr. 235/1 ``There is 
      being established at Atlantic City the first `air port' ever 
      established, the purposes of which are..to provide a municipal 
      aviation field,..to supply an air port for trans-Atlantic 
      liners, whether of the seaplane, land aeroplane or dirigible 
      balloon type. '' 
  62.  air-raid (1919) I. Hay Last Million p. xi, ``Above all, we 
      hope to see the air-raid shelters gone. '' 
  63.  a la (1919) G. B. Shaw Heartbreak Ho. p. xx, ``Police raid . 
      la Russe. '' 
  64.  alien (1919) Hayward &. Druce Adventive Flora of Tweedside p. 
      ix, ``In former times at Galashiels the effluents from the 
      woollen mills carrying seeds washed out in the course of 
      scouring found their way in to the river... In the near future, 
      therefore [as a result of a new system of drainage], instead of 
      a large alien flora appearing along the rivers only a few 
      sporadic species can be expected to occur. '' 
  65.  alienation(1919) T. L. Kelley in Jrnl. Appl. Psychol. III. 61 
      ``Just as &rdot.484 is the coefficient of correlation between 
      intelligence and vocational choice, so may &rdot.875 be called 
      the coefficient of alienation between the same two things. '' 
  66.  allegorism(1919) P. H. Osmond Myst. Poets Engl. Ch. 350 ``No 
      doubt there is a rather slippery descent from this type of 
      mysticism, through symbolism, to mere allegorism.'' 
  67.  allergic (1919) Jrnl. Amer. Med. Assoc. LXXIII. 759/2 
      ``Allergic action of drugs. '' 
  68.  allergy (1919) Jrnl. Amer. Med. Assoc. LXXIII. 759/2 ``Coca's 
      classification of hypersensitiveness into `anaphylaxis' and 
      `allergy' will serve to clarify this whole field... Anaphylaxis 
      is an antigen antibody reaction, artificially induced by 
      immunologic processes. Allergy is used to express the natural 
      hypersensitiveness of the individual not produced by 
      immunologic processes. '' 
  69.  all out (1919) Punch 19 Mar. 216/2 ``The car..bolted down-hill 
      all out. '' 
  70.  alpha (1919) Jrnl. Inst. Metals XXII. 370 (heading) ``Thermal 
      expansion of Alpha and Beta Brass between 0°. and 600°. 
      C. '' 
  71.  alternator(1919) R. Stanley Wireless Telegr. (ed. 2) I. 86 
      ``An alternator is a machine in which the difference of 
      potential, or voltage, induced has not a constant value, as in 
      an ordinary direct current generator, but rises and falls and 
      reverses in direction many times per second. '' 
  72.  altitude (1919) W. B. Faraday Gloss. Aeronaut. Terms 49 
      ``Altitude control, a device fitted to a carburettor or other 
      part of induction system to obtain a correct mixture of the 
      fuel gas at high levels. '' 
  73.  alure (1919) Proc. Soc. Antiq. Scot. LIII. 38 ``Its base in 
      the ditch must have been visible from the allure on the 
  74.  American (1919) Mencken Amer. Lang. 26 ``American thus shows 
      its character in a constant experimentation,..a steady reaching 
      out for new and vivid forms. '' 
  75.  ampere (1919) R. Stanley Wireless Telegr. I. 452 ``A proper 
      check..of the number of ampere-hours' charge and discharge. '' 
  76.  amplificat(1919) J. A. Fleming Thermionic Valve vii. 249 
      ``Method..for Measuring the Amplification Factor. '' 
  77.  anabatic (1919) Faraday Gloss. Aeronaut. Terms 31 ``A local 
      wind is called anabatic if it is caused by the convection of 
      heated air, as, for example, the breeze that blows up valleys 
      when the sun warms the ground.'' 
  78.  analyse (1919) M. K. Bradby Psycho-analysis x. 126, ``I have 
      had no nightmare..since I was analysed. '' 
  79.  Anglicaniz(1919) N. Hill Story Sc. Church vii. 143 
      ``Events..were destined to interrupt for some years James' 
      policy of seeking to strengthen his position by Anglicanising 
      the Scottish Church. '' 
  80.  animal (1919) M. K. Bradby Psychoanalysis 231 ``His fleshly 
      desires were strong, and he was unmerciful to the animal in 
  81.  animation (1919) A. C. Lescarboura Behind Motion-Picture 
      Screen xvi. 302 ``The animation of a picture calls for a large 
      number of separate drawings. '' 
  82.  animator (1919) A. C. Lescarboura Behind Motion-Picture Screen 
      xvi. 306 ``After the master artist or animator has indicated 
      the changes from one drawing to the next, his assistants work 
      out the drawings. '' 
  83.  anode (1919) Radio Rev. Nov. 54 ``There are..two sources of 
      potential, the one in the *anode circuit being of fixed value, 
      that in the grid circuit being variable. '' 
  84.  anode (1919) R. Stanley Textbk. Wireless Telegr. v. 91 ``It 
      will suffice to say here that an *anode tap may be usefully 
      employed to increase the oscillating power and oscillating 
      aerial current. '' 
  85.  anoxaemia (1919) Proc. Physiol. Soc. 25 Jan. p. lxiv, 
      ``While..the accelerated output of adrenalin must be supposed 
      to participate in the effect, the rise in blood sugar must be 
      in the main due to a direct action of the anox&ae.mia upon the 
      liver. '' 
  86.  ante (1919) W. H. Downing Digger Dialects 8 ``Ante up, to 
      surrender anything. '' 
  87.  anti- (1919) Spectator 20 Sept. 360/1 ``Whether we should do 
      good or harm by trying to help the *anti-Bolshevik Russians to 
      a limited extent. '' 
  88.  anti- (1919) L. R. Freeman Sea-Hounds ix. 198 ``Probably some 
      sort of patrol or anti-U-boat worker, for a guess, perhaps, a 
      `Q'. '' 
  89.  anti- (1919) G. B. Shaw Heartbreak House p. xliv, 
      ``By..calling the process *anti-Bolshevism. '' 
  90.  anti-aircr(1919) Athen&ae.um 23 May 360/2 ``The anti-aircraft 
      force. '' 
  91.  anti-rabic(1919) Times Weekly 25 Apr. 404 ``The treatment of 
      patients with specific anti-rabic material. '' 
  92.  Antonian (1919) E. C. Butler Benedictine Monachism i. 12 ``The 
      monachism that derived from St Anthony was eremitical in 
      character. This type, which I shall call the Antonian, 
      prevailed throughout northern Egypt. '' 
  93.  Antonian (1919) C. C. Martindale Upon God's Holy Hills i. 12 
      ``Violent bodily penances, rarely read of in Antonian 
  94.  appalling (1919) Punch 7 May 357 ``What appalling rot! '' 
  95.  appeasemen(1919) Gen. Smuts' Messages to Empire: Problem of 
      Peace 14 ``In our policy of European settlement the appeasement 
      of Germany..becomes one of cardinal importance. '' 
  96.  approach (1919) Wodehouse Damsel in Distress i. 23 ``Does it 
      [sc. love] make you slice your approach-shots? '' 
  97.  approach (1919) Wodehouse Damsel in Distress xv. 173 ``His 
      approach-putting has to be seen to be believed.'' 
  98.  April (1919) E. H. Jones Road to En-dor (ed. 2, 1920) xviii. 
      185 ``We set out..in true April-fooling spirit. '' 
  99.  April (1919) E. H. Jones Road to En-dor 186 ``The old British 
      custom of April-fooling.'' 
 100.  apron (1919) C. C. Turner Struggle in Air 1914-18 ix. 134 
      ``Then the `apron' was devised, to aircraft a sufficiently 
      dangerous and invisible obstruction which caused raiders to 
      maintain a certain minimum altitude.''