Luscher's Comments

Sometimes the off-the-wall comments of others cast interesting light upon the possible interpretations of images. Luscher was a frequent contributor as the Nova Scotia Faces went up on Flickr, and sometimes he found avenues that even my perfervid imagination hadn't ummmm imagined. Here's an experiment in access (click on a thumbnail to see the photograph and the comments):

hat2 hat3 hat1 a visit from some neighbors Miss J. and Mr. S. Young Oxwhips Honest Fisher-lads Leg of Mutton and Lace Two coopers? Four by the car The Sin of Pride An air of studied nonchalance How does the cap stay on? Headed straight for dyspepsia Aunt Pora a few years later Been there, done that Just in case... Did he come back? A real beaver Mary Young Granny rolls The last snap Ernest took of poor Alice G. Centenarian Radioman Middleton rugby team Elwood, Elwood Jr., and Anne Dora Felix' shower Chic Studio #1 No danger More seriously bad hair Another hair disaster Joe's family at table Joe Wilner's wife and daughter Joe Wilner ca. 1935 Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the coven waiting for the interior decorator Joe waits by the roadside newly wed caption derby: add your own Lamentable perm More hair, less... hair up a la mode sideburns destined for a life of petty crime? La Regalenceta dundreary dundreary moustache sibling set sibling set sibling set braces moustache beard a sixpack of the family ears cephaly sibling set cephaly Steadman Young's hair had a mind of its own hair plaid was in vogue dundreary sideburns dyspeptic Winston another graduate class of '87 the new car, 1926 another Lunenburger grim determination stripes couple Lunenburg stolidity a good boy hormonal discomfort Mailman Winston carte de visite carte de visite confirmation confirmation carte de visite carte de visite carte de visite tintypeLunenburg Risser tintype tintype tintype tintype tintype tintype tintype from the Risser album tintype tintype tintype tintype tintype