On Musical Variety

31 October 2004
Here's my first proto-podcast, put together as illustrative material for a talk I'm giving this coming Wednesday (they want to know what's going to be in the course). It's sort of a Talking Dog, truth be known... mostly an exercise in getting the machinery and software to cooperate. Fancy production values will have to wait a bit.

right-click to save --it's about 17MB, and about 18 minutes long.

...and of course it should have documentation for the items, and further details about what they're meant to show, and all that.

There's more on podcasting for the underinformed.

Here's the list, details to be filled in:

didgeridoo Folkways FE4439

tabla tarang Pandit Kamalesh Maitra Smithsonian Folkways SF40436

Kakraba Lobi song for roof building Tangent TGS130

Le Bal Hans Reichel Gravichords, Whirlies and Pyrophones: Experimental Musical Instruments Ellipsis Arts CD3530

Kargyraa and Sigit Smithsonian Folkways SF40017

Jeux vocaux des Inuit Ocora HM83

Broto trumpets Musique Centrafricaine Ocora OCR43 a:4

Vetar vee Village Music of Bulgaria Nonesuch H72034 a:1

Words of the Angel Ivan Moody Trio Medieval ECM 1753

Edgar Meyer and Bela Fleck Canon Sony Classical SK92106

Kevin Burke In Concert The Butterfly (jig) Shanachie GLCD1196

Take Five Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out Columbia CK65122

Turtle Man Bad Company (one-drop) http://www.musicianmp3.com/stream3.cfm?id=922&Mode=New

Bulgarian Ratchenitza?

Tshaka Chawasarira thumb piano http://members.at.infoseek.co.jp/africa6/e-matepa.htm

Gamelan Sama Pegulingan Barong Nonesuch H72046 a:4

Rag Lalit Ram Narayan Nimbus 5183

Morotiri Nei Tahitian Choir: Rapa Iti Triloka 7192-2

Church-house moan Roots of the Blues New World 252 b:4

Rube Lacy Mississippi Jail-House Groan Country Blues Encores, 1927-1935 Origin Jazz Library 8 a:5

Anne Briggs Polly Vaughan Topic TSCD504

Bob Dylan Times They Are A-Changin' In Concert 1964 Columbia C2K 86882