The bearded men came on boats
and everyone said, "the gods have come"
now the 'wetbacks' go up north but nobody says: "welcome brothers"
If the dollar calls us the 'raza' keeps goin'
If the gringo asks for it, it suits the 'paisa'
the narcs, and the Border Patrol
catch you, and then give you your blessing
In Chiapas, women and children were praying
machetes and gunshots stained
the fatherland, has claimed its blood from progress
but those people, who've been sacrificed
are your same race --the Indian, the Black, the 'Mestizo', the whitish one
they all march to 'Beautiful Mexico'
but where did justice and shame go?
if bloodbaths go to limbo --the blood that runs from
sacrifices, it had to be
you and your habits, 'Mestizo'
Don't go too far or look in the mirror
because when you look
you won't like what you see
your face is dark, but you want to be white
but you really like your taco and tortillas
Ay yay ya yay sing and don't cry
because hearts are contented, beautiful Mexico
by singing
We sing, Mexicans, to the call of war
but we're not crazy enough to go to the mountains
tourists and foreigners come here in vain
what do they worry for -- human rights?
if justice there is good for nothing