"GOOD" (aka The Podcasting Song) - (c) 2004/2005 Mike Lehman, December 25, 2004

Verse 1::::::::::::::::
You say I need your sexy cell phone, and I must watch to succeed
Your shows in HD TV, on your flat screen LCD
And you pitch your branded iPod, crammed full of every song
you've bought for your commercials, thinking I will sing along
You've planned the per...fect... life you think I need but...

I'd rather be happy, I'd rather feel good
I'd rather hear podcasting, than listen to the crap from Hollywood
you think is fantastic I wouldn't buy that shit even if I could
I'd rather be happy, I'd rather feel... good

Verse 2::::::::::::::::
Your strategic product placements, put your trademark there for me
On everything from breath mints to the apples on your tree
To reach my demographic, you track my personal lifepath
Both when I'm stopped in traffic, and when I take a bath
You wish I'd see... your... logo in my sleep, but...

I grew up in the TV generation still I used to think you thought I had a mind
Now it's clear... you... just want my attention
to convince me that I'm no good without your precious product line but...

I'd rather feel...good