El Bracero Fracasado

When I left the ranch, I didn't even wear underwear
but I made it Tijuana hitchhiking, since I had no money
I would stand on the corners to see who would let me eat their chicken necks
Then you see what happened -- I got to Santa Ana with scratched out feet
the sandals I was wearing got used up right away, the hat and shirt I lost
when they chased me, those, 'white ones' when they almost caught me
I got on the road dying of hunger and tired, I got on a cargo train comin'
from Colorado going to San Francisco on a wagon I sneaked on but with such
bad luck that they caught me in Salinas
Then you see what happened -- the 'migra' showed up grabbed me by the hand
telling me I don't know what, they scolded me in English, the 'gabachos'
they told me you got to go back to your farm, but I felt really bad, having
to go back to my country, as a failed bracero, with no money and no nuthin'