August 25, 2008

Just back from Monhegan

We've lived just down the road from the ferry to Monhegan Island for the last 3 years, but hadn't ventured out there until today. Unfortunately, the digital camera chose this morning to announce its retirement (thus creating an Opportunity for the impending Birthday Month), so I was unable to record anything of Monhegan's fabled visual wonders. It occurred to me that Flickr might stand in for me, and sure enough a quick search discloses more than 6000 images tagged 'Monhegan' and quite a few of the first hundred-odd will give an idea of why people rave about the island. We walked about half of the cliffy Atlantic side, mostly in hazy/foggy obscurity, and clearly it's worth many return trips.

Posted by oook at August 25, 2008 08:52 PM