August 04, 2007

Beyond the Pale

My attention has been pretty single-mindedly on 'traditional' music for the last little while, but our friends at WFMU never let anybody sit still or get too comfy for long. A recent blog posting on Diamanda Galas led me into a half-hour detour on the farther edges... There's so much astounding clear-the-room music out there, available via archived radio shows (like those at WFMU such as Strength through Failure with Fabio) in RealAudio, and via YouTube (e.g., Maja Ratkje) and in mp3 via archives like UbuWeb (e.g., Jaap Blonk --see also his Web site). Take a walk on the wild side, but keep dropping that trail of crumbs...

Posted by oook at August 4, 2007 03:41 PM