Stuff sent to others

13 November
Interesting how much progress can be made in 4 days, as summarized in a blog posting. The handmade table is just so vieux jeu and Web 1.0... I see no reason to go back to that way of thinking and doing, for anything.

9 November 2005
One of my favorite activities is finding stuff that would [should, could, might...] interest others and sending it on. I've never tried to keep track of that, but I should [could, might...], so I'll try it for a while as a table. I'm sure there are better ways, this one being very labor-intensive (copy from sent email, code into HTML, etc.)

later: an OPML solution I'm trying out, via
see OPML)

DateURLtitle/app/serviceto whom
9xi KS Board of Educationnb
9xi Yahoo Mapsrbn,jb
9xi COMET jb,kf
9xi Yahoo Maps rbn
9xi SuprGlu jb,kf,ba
8xi slawesome jb,erb
4xi's Mechanical Turkjb,kf,dg
4xi of Microformatsba
3xi Yahoo Maps jb
1xi FAA traffic rbn
31x On Toponymy rbn,ks
31x Ladle Rat Rotten Hut ks,nb
29x CommunityWalk Google Maps rbn,jb
29x Maps Gazetteerrbn,ks
28x Common Census Regions rbn
28x JotCloud kf,jb
26x Chatrbn