Just Back...

Here I intend to keep track of the hordes of things I'm trying to do, planning to accomplish, wishing to put into operation... and I'll explore LIFO order, like that of a blog. Perhaps I'll succeed in getting it transferred to a blog server too. Meanwhile, there's a log page to continue the work of my sabbatical log.

2 January 2003
ESRI online courses: Learning ArcIMS 4 (who knew there was a 4??) and Customizing ArcIMS 4 (ArcXML, Javascript, etc.) are both available

Blog server: I've downloaded Frontier (from http://frontier.userland.com/academicPurchase) and put it into my H: drive for the moment. Now to find out about installing...

Things to do, in no particular order:

Bio182: need to check on the Web-page software in labs, need to find out who is doing what with the groups

... (the log page is where this all went; and after 31 January the log continues for Feb03)