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18 Oct 2000
Following up a request by John Knox:
Old-growth forest. A forest condition defined by age-class of vegetation, structure of forest canopy, volume of dead and downed wood debris, and other attributes; old-growth is trees, other vegetation, birds, mammals, and other organisms and the manner in which they associate and interact in communities. No single measurement, such as age, is sufficient to describe it (Franklin et al. 1981). [from]
An Old-Growth Definition for dry and dry-mesic oak-pine forests

Defining Old Growth: Implications For Management

Assessment of Old-Growth Forest in South-East Queensland: INTERIM REPORT --see also NSW interim old growth definition, and Are there old-growth dependent species?

Report on the Old Growth Stand at Oakland Farms, Portsmouth, Rhode Island (from The Eastern Old Growth Clearinghouse --see their FAQ)

Old-Growth Definition Task Group. 1986. Interim definitions for old-growth Douglas-fir and mixed-conifer forests in the Pacific Northwest and California. Research Note PNW-447. USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, Portland, OR.

IUFRO WU 6.03.02 Discussion Group on "Old-growth Forests" --see also Archive of OLDGROWTH-LIST By Author

How institutional cultures affect results: Comparing two old-growth forest mapping projects Robert A. Norheim (see also Is there an answer to mapping old growth? An examination of two projects conducted with remote sensing and GIS)

Ancient Forests and Future Forests (see also Lasting Forests

Logging Impacts of the 1970's vs. the 1990's in the Caspar Creek Watershed (Peter H. Cafferata and Thomas E. Spittler)

The Old-Growth Forests of Alberta (Kevin Timoney)

Lecture Notes: Forest Stand Dynamics

Old Growth and Big Trees (Deschutes National Forest, USDA)

Old-Growth Forests in the United States Pacific Northwest

Old-Growth Forests in West Virginia

28 June 2001
 An Old-growth Definition for Dry and Dry-mesic Oak-pine Forests