Humbead's Musicians

I first encountered Humbead's Revised Map of the World in Eric von Schmidt and Jim Rooney's Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (1979, pg. 124; this essential but Out Of Print memoir is evidently due to be reprinted), where it is ascribed to Earl Crabb, who says that he created it with Rick Shubb. It's a wonder, on quite a few counts (which I'll take up elsewhere, and elsewhen). On my first pass through the Population I identified about 175 Musicians, and reckoned that I could lay my hands on records (mostly vinyl) featuring more than 100 of them right here in my ummmm studio, so the Map resonates with my own Cambridge (1961-1965) and Bay Area (1967-1972) identities. I know personally only ONE of the people in the Population [Mike Seeger], but many others have figured prominently in my consciousness for many years.

Musicians make up about one third of the named Population which surrounds the Map --which totals about 1100 in all for the 1969 version. Some are easily recognized as nationally and even internationally famous, but many others are pretty much local to the Bay Area (mostly), and/or have not been active in recent years. Quite a few are dead, and an unknown number of the rest of the Population should be recognized as Musicians, but I haven't been able to find Web pages that confirm their Musical identity (e.g., I know two Steve Smiths who are musicians, but neither is old enough to have been included in the 1968-1969 Population). So the set below is partial and tentative, but provides a lot to think about in making better sense of Humbead's Map, and understanding it as a version of Reality.

I've used Google and Wikipedia to fill in some context, and YouTube to provide some examples of past and present work of some of the Musicians. Doubtless there are other Web pages that could/should be added, and more and better video materials will surface, but this is a start anyway. And a long, strange trip it's been... I'd be glad to have comments, suggestions, additions, corrections ( ).

ADDENDUM 8 Dec 2007:

I've been playing with the 1970 Population to produce lists of Who could possibly care? Well, there are culture history stories tucked away in there, awaiting excavation. Maybe I'll tackle some of them, but enough of this for now.

I'm sure that I've misconstrued/incorrectly parsed some of the names, and I know there are a few misspellings and other ambiguities in the data. I'm hoping that public-spirited persons will suggest amendments, expansions, corrections, disambiguations...

Here's the subset of the 1969 Population whom I know to be Musicians:

Ahr, Joemore detail
Albin, Petermore detail
Albin, Rodneymore detail
Allen, Redmore detail
Allison, Mosemore detailmore detailvideo
Applin, Herbmore detail
Archuletta, Conradmore detail
Arkin, Stevemore detail
Armstrong, Louismore detailmore detail
Arnoldi, Paulmore detail
Arriola, Carlinmore detail
Aspinall, Neilmore detail
Atkins, Chetmore detailmore detail
Atwell, Doug
Baez, Joanmore detailmore detail
Banana [Lowell Levinger]more detailmore detail
Banarjee, Nikhilmore detailvideo
Barrow, Tonymore detail
Barthol, Brucemore detail
Basho, Robbiemore detailmore detail
Bauer, Joemore detail
Beers, Fiddlermore detailvideovideo
Benford, Macmore detail
Bernstein, Leonardmore detailmore detail
Berry, Chuckmore detailmore detailvideo
Birdsong, Cindymore detail
Bjorkman, Waltermore detail
Blackburn, Jeffmore detail
Blanchard, Redmore detail
Block, Allanmore detail
Bloom, Kenmore detail
Bloomfield, Mikemore detailmore detail
Boggs, Dockmore detail
Boguslav, Raymore detail
Bola Setemore detailmore detailvideo
Bouterse, Curtmore detail
Boutwell, Chrismore detail
Bradley, Hankmore detail
Braheny, Johnmore detail
Brooks, Harveymore detail
Brown, Hylomore detail
Brown, Jamesmore detailmore detail
Brown, Tonimore detail
Bull, Sandymore detailmore detail
Burdon, Ericmore detailmore detail
Burke, Solomonmore detail
Burnham, Donmore detail
Burns, Jethromore detailmore detail
Burris, Otismore detail
Burton, Garymore detailmore detailvideo
Bush, Rogermore detail
Butterfield, Paulmore detail
Byxbe, Virgilmore detail
Cahn, Nickmore detail
Cahn, Rolfmore detailmore detail
Campbell, Big Johnmore detail
Canby, Edmore detail
Carleton, Gaithermore detail
Carlisle, Thumbsmore detail
Carter, Maybellemore detailvideo
Carvey, Tom
Cash, Johnnymore detail
Chambers, Willymore detail
Chandler, Lenmore detail
Charters, Sammore detail
Clark, Cottonseedmore detail
Cohen, Johnmore detailmore detail
Coleman, Ornettemore detailmore detail
Corbitt, Jerrymore detail
Cordoba, George
Coryell, Larrymore detailmore detail
Cotton, Jamesmore detailmore detail
Crary, Danmore detailmore detail
Crockett, Dadmore detail
Crockett, Ulyssesmore detail
Crowe, J.D.more detailmore detail
Crumb, Robertmore detailmore detail
Cunningham, Sismore detail
Dane, Barbaramore detail
Daniels, Charliemore detail
Davis, Reverend Garymore detailmore detail
de Sousa, Bobmore detail
Denson, EDmore detail
Dewey, Gregorymore detail
Donegan, Lonniemore detailmore detail
Draheim, Suemore detail
du Shane, Mary
Dunn, Montemore detail
Dunnebacke, Georgemore detail
Dupen, Jackmore detail
Duren, Antoniamore detail
Dylan, Bobmore detailmore detailvideo
Ekstrom, Alemore detail
Elliot, Cassmore detail
Emerson, Billmore detail
Emmons, Buddymore detail
English, Loganmore detail
Espina, Jeffmore detail
Evans, Malmore detail
Fahey, Johnmore detailmore detailvideo
Faier, Billymore detailmore detail
Farina, Mimimore detailmore detail
Farlow, Talmore detail
Faust, Lukemore detailmore detail
Feiner, Lonniemore detail
Flatt, Lestermore detailmore detail
Frandsen, Ericmore detail
Frankel, Kenmore detail
Franklin, Arethamore detail
Fuller, Jessemore detailmore detailvideo
Furay, Richardmore detail
Garcia, Jerrymore detail
Geisser, George
Glover, Tonymore detailmore detailvideo
Gravenites, Nickmore detailmore detail
Green, Debbiemore detail
Greene, Richardmore detailmore detail
Greenhill, Mitchmore detail
Gregory, Bobmore detail
Grisman, Davidmore detailmore detail
Grossman, Stefanmore detail
Guaraldi, Vincemore detailmore detailvideo
Gundy, Waltermore detail
Gurland, Bobmore detail
Guthrie, Arlomore detailmore detailvideo
Hall, Kennymore detailmore detailmore detail
Hambly, Scottmore detail
Hammond, Johnmore detail
Hanks, Larrymore detail
Hardin, Timmore detail
Harrison, Georgemore detail
Haynes, Homermore detail
Hendrix, Jimimore detail
Herald, Johnmore detailmore detail
Hester, Carolynmore detail
Hicks, Danmore detail
Hicks, Frankmore detail
Hinton, Sammore detail
Hobson, Tommore detail
Holcomb, Roscoemore detail
Horn, Niela Millermore detail
Hughey, Ronmore detail
Ian, Janismore detail
Jackson, Shotmore detailmore detail
Jamal, Ahmadmore detailmore detailvideo
James, Skipmore detailmore detailvideo
Jirousek, Charliemore detail
Johnson, James
Johnston, Dynamite Anniemore detail
Jones, Deac
Jones, Georgemore detail
Joplin, Janismore detailmore detailvideovideo
Khan, Bismillahmore detailvideo
Kalb, Dannymore detail
Kantner, Paulmore detail
Kaukonen, Jormamore detailmore detailvideovideo
Keith, Billmore detail
Kessinger, Clarkmore detail
Khan, Ghulam Alimore detailmore detail
Kilgore, Merlemore detail
Kindred, Lisamore detail
King, B.B.more detailmore detail
Kirk, Rolandmore detailmoredetailvideo
Klinck, Sterlingmore detail
Klinck, Suemore detail
Koch, Artmore detail
Koch, Cymore detail
Koerner, Johnmore detailmore detailvideo
Koosis, Tom
Kornfield, Barrymore detail
Krogh, Derekmore detail
Kweskin, Jimmore detailmore detailvideo
Landes, Stevemore detail
Langhorne, Brucemore detail
Langstaff, Carolmore detail
Langston, Petermore detail
Lasser, Gregmore detail
Laughlin, Chan (Travis T. Hip)more detail
Ledbetter, Dennismore detail
Lederman, Perrymore detail
Leitch, Donovanmore detail
Lennon, Johnmore detailmore detail
Lesh, Philmore detailmore detail
Lilly, Everettmore detail
Lowinger, Genemore detail
Lyman, Melmore detailmore detail
Lindley, Davidmore detail
MacDermed, Charlesmore detail
Mahal, Tajmore detailmore detail
Mainer, J.E.more detail
Martin, Jimmymore detailmore detail
Martin, Stevemore detailvideovideo
Marvin, Kenmore detail
Matthiesen, Tommore detail
McCartney, Paulmore detailmore detail
McCoury, Delmore detailmore detailvideo
McGhee, Browniemore detail
McKernan, Ronmore detailmore detail
McReynolds, Jessemore detailmore detail
McReynolds, Jimmore detail
Meade, Genemore detail
Melton, Barrymore detail
Meltzer, Tinamore detail
Memphis Minnie, more detail
Menuhin, Yehudimore detail
Miles, Buddymore detail
Miller, Rogermore detail
Miller, Stevemore detailmore detail
Mitchell, John Henrymore detail
Monroe, Billmore detail
Monroe, James W.
Muldaur, Geoffmore detailmore detailvideo
Muldaur, Maria D'Amatomore detailmore detailvideo
Naftalin, Markmore detailmore detail
Neff, Edmore detail
Nelson, Davidmore detail
Nemerov, Brucemore detail
Neuwirth, Bobmore detailmore detail
Newman, Fatheadmore detailmore detail
Nuese, Johnmore detail
Nunes, Warrenmore detail
Ochs, Philmore detail
Okun, Miltmore detail
Olivier, Barrymore detail
Osborne, Bobbymore detail
Osborne, Sonnymore detail
Owens, Buckmore detail
Paik, Danmore detail
Paley, Tommore detailvideo
Parham, Waltermore detail
Parker, Little Juniormore detail
Partch, Harrymore detailmore detailvideo
Pass, Joemore detailmore detailvideo
Paulson, Patmore detail
Pederson or Pedersen, Herbmore detail
Pegram, Georgemore detail
Petersen, Bobbymore detail
Petraglia, Davemore detail
Petric, Faithmore detail
Prestopino, Paulmore detail
Rabath, Francois
Rakestraw, Cluny [Kliney Lea]more detail
Rakha, Allamore detailmore detailvideovideo
Rawls, Loumore detailmore detail
Ray, Billy
Ray, Davemore detailmore detailvideo
Rebennack, Prof. Malcolmmore detail
Redpath, Jeanmore detailmore detail
Reed, Jimmymore detailmore detail
Reno, Donmore detail
Rich, Donmore detail
Richard, Littlemore detail
Richardson, Larrymore detail
Richmond, Fritzmore detail
Rinzler, Ralphmore detail
Rivers, Jimmymore detail
Rooney, Jimmore detail
Rose, Artiemore detail
Rosenberg, Neilmore detail
Rosolino, Frankmore detail
Rothman, Sandymore detail
Rowan, Petermore detailmore detailvideo
Rush, Tommore detailmore detail
Sanders, Markiemore detail
Scarlett, Willmore detail
Scoville, Jonmore detail
Scruggs, Earlmore detailmore detailvideovideo
Scruggs, Garymore detail
Sebastian, Johnmore detailmore detailvideo
Sechler, Curleymore detail
Seeger, Petemore detailmore detailvideo
Seeger, Mikemore detailmore detailvideo
Selsor, Chrismore detail
Serkin, Petermore detail
Shankar, Ravimore detailmore detail
Shelton, Allenmore detail
Schickele, Petermore detailmore detailvideo
Shubb, Rickmore detail
Siggins, Bobmore detailmore detail
Silber, Marcmore detailmore detailvideo
Silverstein, Shelmore detailmore detail
Sky, Patmore detailmore detailvideo
Slick, Gracemore detailmore detailvideovideo
Snow, Sherrymore detail
Snowden, Elmermore detail
Sonka, Mylosmore detail
Spence, Josephmore detailmore detailvideo
Spiker, Kenmore detail
Spivey, Victoriamore detailmore detail
Spoelstra, Markmore detailmore detail
Spottswood, Dickmore detailmore detail
Stampfel, Petermore detailmore detailvideovideo
Starr, Ringomore detailmore detail
Stecher, Jodymore detail
Steiner, Herbmore detail
Stewart, Nancymore detail
Stookey, Noelmore detailmore detail
Stover, Donmore detail
Stravinski, Igormore detail
Sun Ra, more detailmore detail
Svanoe, Billmore detail
Tannen, Hollymore detailvideo
Taussig, Harrymore detail
Teeter, Davemore detail
Terry, Clarkmore detailmore detailvideo
Terry, Sonnymore detailmore detailvideo
Thompson, Bobbymore detailmore detail
Thompson, Ericmore detail
Tottle, Jackmore detail
Touchstone, Georgemore detail
Traum, Artiemore detailmore detailvideo
Traum, Happymore detailmore detailvideo
Tubb, Ernestmore detail
Tuft, Harrymore detail
Turner, Gilmore detail
Turner, Lonniemore detail
Twain, Artmore detail
Val, Joemore detailmore detail
Van Hook, Clarencemore detail
van Ronk, Davemore detailmore detail
Von Schmidt, Ericmore detailmore detail
Wakefield, Frankmore detailmore detailvideovideo
Waller, Butchmore detail
Ward, Wademore detailmore detail
Watson, Docmore detailmore detailvideo
Watson, Merlemore detailmore detailvideo
Wayne, Jackmore detail
Weber, Stevemore detailmore detail
Weill, Ritamore detail
Weir, Bobmore detailvideovideo
Weisz, Fredmore detail
West, Harrymore detail
West, Hedymore detail
Wheeler, Oniemore detail
White, Buckmore detail
White, Clarencemore detailmore detailvideovideo
White, Eric
White, Rolandmore detailmore detailvideo
Winston, Winniemore detail
Wiseman, Macmore detail
Yarbrough, Rualmore detail
Young, Jesse Colinmore detail
Zumwalt, Joemore detail