Sarawak resources, continued

1 January 2004
Via a search for 'batang balui' I stumbled upon this:
Social Science Research and Conservation Management in the Interior of Borneo
Unravelling past and present interactions of people and forests
Cristina Eghenter, Bernard Sellato and G. Simon Devung
date: June 2003
and downloaded the large PDF from (the whole thing is 9 MB... and 312 pages). It's mostly Indonesian in locale, but for Kayan/Kenyah that's a good corrective to the Sarawak-centric view

See CIFOR home page for more...

Malaysia map and placename index ...viz Batang Balui

Kapit District FAQ

Sarawak and Sabah coordinates for hundreds of named units, in decimal degrees ...I've got the Access db in my Docs folder.

Sometimes it's necessary to learn about something entirely new in order to comprehend the lives of people. Rice cultivation is such a 'new' thing... if one wants to grasp the lives of Dayak peoples, rice is clearly one of the essentials...