Ale: Haussmannization of Paris (n.b. you've got some of the details of dates wrong --see Wikipedia entry)
A City can be seen as a palimpsest of the villages from which it grew. Baron Haussmann's design for Paris certainly changed its cultural geography in many ways ("destruction of the medieval city"). How could we summarize them? How could we document them? A few sites, and there are many more:

Around and About Paris By Thirza Vallois Volume 1: From the Dawn of Time to the Eiffel Tower Arrondissement 1-7: The Old Territory Introduction

The Paris created by Baron Haussmann during the reign of Napoleon III is, to a large extent, still the Paris of today. Supported by some, deprecated by others, he carved through the medieval city, doing away with many insalubrious streets to make room for the present bright broad avenues. By now, however, Haussmann's Paris is overlaid with the patina of time, medieval Paris is more of a film set than a reality and the fragments of 'villages' that the sharp observer can still spot here and there tend to blend into the more recent overall unity of their respective arrondissements. on 'villes et villages'
Sous l'Ancien Régime, l'aristocratie vivait au coude à coude avec le peuple; les somptueux hôtels du Marais voisinaient avec les échoppes et ateliers sans gêne pour personne. La grande bourgeoisie d'argent qui s'imposa au 19ème s'enferma à l'écart des zones populaires dans un ghetto de luxe créé à son usage par Haussmann qui en était issu. Deux raisons expliquent cette césure, toujours vivace. D'abord le concept d'Haussmann, visionnaire de l'Urbanisme moderne basé sur...

Some from Annie:

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And one (for ILL) from Amazon: La modernite avant Haussmann. Formes de l'espace urbain a Paris, 1801-1853 by Karen Bowie (Author), François Loyer (Author), Marcel Roncayolo (Author)

The history of the city by Leonardo Benevolo (has a map of pre-Haussmann Paris)

see Christine Neville's paes and Neville's illustrations

Paris, a XIXth-century City (Musée d'Orsay)


Megan: Megalithic cultures

henges, dolmens, menhirs... Long Men
(see others...and hill figures, and Cerne Abbas Giant)
?what can we reconstruct/construct of the cultural geography of megalith builders? ?what's known?

Nancy: Scottish clans, or WV Coal, or ski geography
?manufacture of Celtic identity? OR ?how did coal transform a pioneer society?
see 2/3 of the way down the page section "On the Invention of Tradition"

Susannah: genealogy OR food

Zach: biosphere reserves?
people and Reserves: Managing to Conserve? (the relations between the Reserves and adjacent human populations)
ICT Development Showcase and UNESCO list ...and compare Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc. and Why the government is grabbing our land By Henry Lamb

Jaime: a Japanese something
?Shinto geography? ?kami on the ground? ?pilgrimages?
one of many shrine guides

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Matt: Adirondacks

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Jessica: Appalachia