Brazil: building resources for Human Geography

29 Oct 2001
I want to explore the building of a multimedia resource library for Brazil as an exercise in figuring out what we need to have and how it should be arranged and made accessible.

W&L Library Resources

We have some 1600 instances of 'Brazil' as a subject heading, and about 1200 titles with the keyword 'Brazil' somewhere in the record. We need to analyze what we have, and somehow to ascertain what we should have to augment this collection, and set about ordering the glaring omissions. How useful is D'Andrea's Bibliography of Brasil? Consider also
books on social and economic issues of settlement and colonization (Bradly Alicea) (see his Annotated Amazonia)

Handbook of Latin American Studies is an essential tool...

There are all sorts of specialized bibliographies, like Carnival in Brazil: Selected Sources

JSTOR has a Latin American Studies journal collection, including Latin American Research Review 1965-1997 (1998- in paper, in Leyburn)

Brazilian government sources:
IBGE Brazil and Cidades (nice interface --for Rondonia, 52 municipios... and downloads

Maps and spatial data:

Brazil: Statewide Data from DCW via

another source via UPenn

(For no particular reason I started with Rondonia, adding details from the DCW layers, and added Amazonas. At Q:\brazil\brazilesri.apr)

I went in search of some material on population of towns:

Post-Frontier Towns of Rondônia, Brazil (James Hayes-Bohanan)
World Gazetteer totals for Rondonia's largest 10 towns, 1996 and 2000 (and for Brazil by state)
GRID Arendal Rondonia deforestation
ditto, deforestation in Amazonas

Amazonas-Rondonia map (Q:\brazil\brazilesri.apr)

Other miscellaneous items, to eventually explore and classify:
Financial Flows and Drug Trafficking in the Amazon Basin (Lia Osório Machado) map and SIL Brasil Web site

Amazon Rancher Carries Out "Ethnic Cleansing" of Indians to Get Land in Rondonia: Genocide in the Amazon

31 Oct
a collection of stuff from a day of hunting for some way to get municipio shapefiles for Brazil

Also see q:/brazil/rondonbib.mdb for steps toward the map retrieval of bibliography

and q:\brazil\rondonia.apr

Several books that look pretty essential:

TITLE        The Brazil reader : history, culture, politics / edited by Robert
               M. Levine and John J. Crocitti.
IMPRINT      Durham [N.C.] : Duke University Press, 1999.
CALL NO.     F2521 .B768 1999.

AUTHOR       Meggers, Betty Jane.
TITLE        Amazonia: man and culture in a counterfeit paradise 
IMPRINT      Chicago, Aldine, Atherton [1971]
CALL NO.     F2519.1.A6 M35.

AUTHOR       Treece, Dave.
TITLE        Exiles, allies, rebels : Brazil's indianist movement, indigenist 
               politics, and the imperial nation-state / David Treece.
IMPRINT      Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2000.
CALL NO.     F2519.3.P58 T73 2000.

TITLE        Indigenous peoples and the future of Amazonia : an ecological 
               anthropology of an endangered world / edited by Leslie E.  Sponsel.
IMPRINT      Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c1995.
CALL NO.     GF532.A4 I53 1995.

AUTHOR       Schmink, Marianne.
TITLE        Contested frontiers in Amazonia 
IMPRINT      New York : Columbia University Press, 1992.
CALL NO.     GF532.A4 S36 1992.

AUTHOR       Moran, Emilio F.
TITLE        Developing the Amazon / Emilio F. Moran.
IMPRINT      Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c1981.
CALL NO.     GF532.B7 M67.

AUTHOR       Bunker, Stephen G., 1944-
TITLE        Underdeveloping the Amazon : extraction, unequal exchange, and 
               the failure of the modern state / Stephen G. Bunker.
IMPRINT      Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c1985.
CALL NO.     HC188.A5 B86 1985.

6 Nov
I should have reconnected to Amazon Mining Database stuff I did last winter and spring... which is the Eyes of the Hippopotamus if there ever were such. One of the links therein is to an article in Science: The Future of the Brazilian Amazon (19 Jan 2001) and Supplementary Material.

Serviço Brasileiro de Justiça e Paz (in English)

Brazil sells eight concessions to build and operate hydroelectric plants (Alexander's Gas and Oil Connections, July 2001)

7 Nov
gets municipio maps

Rondonia Web


Instituto Oswaldo Cruz article

8 Nov
Pitinga tin mine

Mining and the Environment: Case Studies from the Americas edited by Alyson Warhurst --see Environmental Issues in Brazilian Tin Production (Teresinha Andrade)

12 Nov
Woods Hole Conservation GIS and datasets



13 Nov
metadata for Brazilian Vegetation (which is in the /miley2/brazil/ folder)

Finding the meanings of the codes has been a problem. EITEN, G. BRASILIA 1a. EDICAO CLASSIFICACAO DA VEGETACAO DO BRASIL ED. CNPQ 1983 may be the solution; it's an IBGE map (Fundacao Instituto Brasileriro de Geografia e Estatistica (IBGE). (1993) Mapa de Vegetacao do Brasil. 1:5,000,000, (polyconic projection). IBAMA.) The Skole and Tucker article from Science 1993 (Tropical Deforestation and Habitat Fragmentation in the Amazon: Satellite Data from 1978 to 1988) refers to the map.

15 Nov:
Amazonia from space! (LANDSAT images used by PRODES (the Brazilian Amazon Deforestation Survey Project) in 1991)

Monitoring Amazonia by Satellite