For 4 October

Dan asked an interesting question last time: what maps (and other stuff) in the AAAS Atlas have something to do with what we're talking about in the matter of renewable resources and the specific examples of soybeans and fisheries?

On pg. 23 are two graphs, one for 'fish and seafood consumption' and the other for 'meat consumption', which have interesting connections... what are they?

And how about the maps (and accompanying text) in the sections on Foodcrops and Meat and Fish? And what are the maps we'd like to see?

Here are a few:

Northwest Atlantic Fishing Organization Fishing Areas

Fishing Banks of the Northwest Atlantic

Catch Plots and Density Distribution Maps (Alaska)

Fisheries and Oceans Canada historical statistics

Newfoundland Salt Fisheries (a digital exhibit)

FAO Fisheries Global Information System (FIGIS)

FAO Tuna and Billfish Atlas (!!)

NOAA Groundfish Atlas

Common Fisheries Policy of the EC

NOAA Threatened and Endangered Marine Species - Critical Habitat (No-Entry Zones) and Steller Sea Lion Protection Measures (Alaska)

...and of course that's only a tiny sample.

And for crops:

'98 '99 2000 for various US crops

Iowa % farmland planted as soybeans

soybean and oil crops: maps and images gallery (Brazil, China, etc...)

Maps Generated from 1997 Census of Agriculture and 1998 USDA NASS

crop cultivation in China

farm risk management: maps and images gallery

another set of US crop maps