On the Web: The Appalachian Trail -- Following the White Blaze Sep. 27, 2005
(photo by Broot)
Adventurers come to the Appalachian Trail for the mountains, the rivers, the camaraderie, and the solitude. They come to challenge themselves to hike its entire 2,175 miles -- a walk through 14 states, from Georgia to Maine -- and to earn the honor of becoming a 2,000-miler. Protected diligently by volunteers and marked clearly by white paint blazes, the Appalachian Trail began in 1921 as the utopian vision of forester Benton MacKaye. Over 8,000 recorded thru-hikers and section-hikers have proudly completed its entire length. These dedicated souls have trod through elevations as high as 6,625 feet and as low as 124, ascended craggy peaks, and forded dangerous streams. Whether their journey took only one continuous thru-hiking season, or was a section hike that lasted months or years, these men, women, and children have followed in the footsteps of MacKaye's mythical giant. One boot in front of another, they have each gained a new identity, and left nothing behind but their thoughts.

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