I first read this image as a demi-abstract in landscape orientation, an homage to Paul Caponigro,
and only noticed the two profiles when I happened to switch to portrait orientation:

The initial story was of a couple at the theatre,
she (on the right) young and long-necked, be-gowned and svelte and attentive;
he in heavy black outline and apparently older,
hook-nosed, possibly chin-whiskered,
with shoulder decorations as found on dress military tunics.

The tracks along the left margin suggest that the play may be The Seagull.
Or Jonathan Livingston Seagull...

And then my attention was drawn to the flowing water between the two profiles,
which I first read as a Japanese or Chinese landscape painting:
a be-robed monk seated on a river bank beneath an elegant tree,
and possibly sporting elaborate Tibetan-style headgear.

At the top there seems to be a camel, mouth open to drink from the stream.

Below the monk there appears a scrappy long-haired terrier,
evidently chasing a disappearing something toward the bottom margin...

Another possibility is that the young lady on the right has
a black-gowned and dark-visaged duenna superintending her virtue
(observe the crenellations of the Gorgon's bodice for orientation).