Clark Island, St. George ME


I discovered the Clark Island figures by accident, not unlike other bits of light-on-dark geology,
seemingly impasto or appliqué, in a few other places on the St. George peninsula,
but the Clark Island population seems most social and swarming.
It took several visits to feel that I know them well,
but it would be many more to exhaust their variety.

Printing on satin, as a triptych banner, seemed an effective way to present them,
potentially mobile in moving air currents,
so that they appear to breathe.

Here are some more of the denizens at Clark Island:

20iii21037 17iii2130

17iii2167 17iii2139

17iii2150 20iii21033

20iii21074 20iii21079


17iii2127 17iii2123 17iii2146

20iii21077 17iii2159 17iii2155

20iii21022 20iii21020 20iii21018

20iii21016 20iii21015 20iii21042

20iii21036 20iii21048 20iii21090