Imam rotated and adjusted
(renderings © Tamara Thiebaux-Heikalo)

Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Mahdi is believed by the Twelver Shia to be the last of the Twelve Imams and the eschatological Mahdi,
who will emerge in the end of time to establish peace and justice and redeem Islam.

The Twelfth Imam went into Occultation in 874. He has occasionally appeared to the Faithful since that time.

Just what the Twelfth Imam was doing on a rocky ledge in St. George is an interesting question, but there he was in March 2014.

The great significance for me of this image is its contribution to my appreciation of ephemerality in the medium of rock.
Months after the original capture of the Imam (in December 2014), I returned to the stretch of beach in search of the Imam.
I found the rock, sure enough, but the Imam was simply not there:

1xii14 no Imam

Subsequently (as I compared the March and December images) I realized that the Imam's mouth in the March image
was in fact a strand of seaweed, whisked away by the next tide.

I can imagine a turban'd face in the December image, but it's not nearly as classy as the March version of the Imam.

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