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Lieut. Jedidiah Brigham = Bethiah Howe

WINSLOW BRIGHAM = Elizabeth Harrington

B: Marlboro MA 30 Aug 1736
M: Marlboro MA 29 Jul 1760
D: Marlboro MA 29 Aug 1791

siblings: Dorothy, Solomon, Francis, Lucy, Bethiah, Stephen, Abner

Capt. Daniel Brigham
Aaron Brigham
Jedediah Brigham (d.y.)
Jedediah Brigham
Elisabeth Brigham
Amariah Brigham
John Winslow Brigham
Artemas Brigham
Lucy Brigham
Lydia Brigham

from History of the Brigham Family:
Morse says: "Winslow was an uncommon man and a distinguished citizen. Up to the time he came upon the satge, the municipal affairs of Marlboro for the first, had been, in a great degree, managed by the Brighams, although they had constituted only a fraction of her numerical population; but during the eventful period of our Revolutionary struggle, he and his namesakes seem to have had almost the entire control... Apparently no vigilance committees were organized until the last year of the war, when, with a new settler, arrived a spirit of jealousy or rivalry, and every Brigham, save one, was displaced from office; and he who had the highest in the town was insulted with the lowest and a committee of vigilance and correspondence chosen. But this overturn lasted but one yer. The Brighams were reelected, and Winslow again chosen town clerk and selectman, in which offices he had served the previous ten years and he was continued for years after as selectman." (122)