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John Blackmore = Joan Collamore

WILLIAM BLACKMORE = Elizabeth Curtis Bank(e)s

B: Northam, Devon 1636
M: Scituate MA 7 Jul 1666
D: Scituate MA 21 Apr 1676 ("killed by Indians")

siblings: ?

Peter Blackmore
John Blackmore
William Blackmore
Phebe Blackmore

William arrived at Scituate in 1665, to be heir to his mother's brother, Peter Collamore (who had no children of his own). William lost an eye in 1669, and was excused from military service, but during King Philip's War he volunteered to defend Scituate and was killed. Peter Collamore died in 1684, leaving his estate to another nephew (Captain Anthony Collamore) who came to Scituate from Devon to claim the inheritance. William's children were left with a scant inheritance.

A curiosity: another source tells a parallel tale, with a different outcome, in which Anthony Collamer also is said to have arrived in 1665 to be Peter Collamore's heir. The Collam[e]r descent line continues into the 18th century before I lose track of Coll* through marriage of a daughter to another surname; [my wife] Betsy's maternal grandfather had a sister who married a Coll[i/e/a]mor[e], but there's no information yet to connect the lines.