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B: Ipswich MA
M: Warner NH 14 Nov 1816

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Susan Evans Treadwell

Nathaniel Treadwell Mr. Nathaniel R. Treadwell, one of the leading leather manufacturers in Salem, died Thursday night, after a lingering illness of several months, in the 62nd year of his age. Mr. Treadwell was a North Salem boy. He learned the tanning and currying busine ss of the late Alvan A Evans, though he worked for a time with L. B. Harrington, Mr. Treadwell began business for himself in a small way before the war, and when the struggle came he amassed wealth rapidly. He was especially successful as a manufacturer of heavy wax leather, and built and operated one of the largest tanneries and leather factories in New England. Twice he suffered heavily by fire, his buildings being swept away, but each time he rallied with great energy and pluck and rebuilded better t han before. Mr. Treadwell was associated with the late John Culliton, in the firm of Cullition, Treadwell & Co., who conducted a successful hide and leather business on High street in Boston before the great fire and he was subsequently the senior partne r for the firm of Treadwell, Dugan & Osgood in the same business at 88 High street for several years after the fire. He was a member of the Salem Common Council in 1866, '67 and '68, and was formerly a Director of the Asiatic National Bank. Mr. Treadwel l's estate is estimated in the vicinity of $500,000. He was a veteran member of the Salem Light Infantry. A widow and three children survive him.