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Michael Emerson = Hannah Webster


B: Haverhill MA 23 Dec 1657
M: Haverhill MA 3 Dec 1677
D: 1729


Hannah Dustin
Elizabeth Dustin
Mary Dustin
Thomas Dustin
NAthaniel Dustin
John Dustin
Sarah Dustin
Abigail Dustin
Jonathan Dustin
Timothy Dustin
Mehitabel Dustin
Martha Dustin (slain by Indians)
Lydia Dustin

"Taken prisoner by Indians in 1697 (along with her nurse Mary Neff) and her young child slain; carried to Pennacook, near Concord NH. Two weeks later she and her friends killed 10 Indians and returned home."

See The Hannah Dustin Story", and further elaboration.

from Michael Borchart's Dustin page:
"...three renditions of Hannah's story. The first is from
"NOTABLE AMERICAN WOMEN 1607-1950". Another version was written by Henry David Thoreau and is found in his book, "A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers". One of my favorite versions, even though it may not be accepted as quite historically-correct, is called "Judging Hannah" by Sybil Smith. This appeared in "Yankee" magazine in January of 1995).

Also included here is historian Cotton Mather's account of Hannah's experience in his "Magnalia Christi Americana; or The Ecclesiastical History of New-England"."