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Moses Eastman = Susan Evans Treadwell


B: 1845
D: Stoneham MA 1869

siblings: William H., Caroline Augusta, Mary Ellen, Moses Franklin

Alice Eastman
In Memoriam

On the 13th of December last, in Melrose Mass., Alice Barrett, wife of George Barret and daughter of the late Moses Eastan of that town, passed out of the flesh and into the higher and diviner condition of heavenly existence, aged 24 years.

It is proper that something more should be said of this excellent woman than that she has gone. She was beautiful because of the gentleness and purity of her spirit. Said her mother, I know we should feel that the event of her death in the providence of God is all right and for our good; but when I look back and think what a comfort she was, it is hard to be entirely reconciled to the will of our Father in heaven. She was always good from a child, and one of the most kind and affectionate persons I eve r knew." Her parents were Universalists and she knew no other faith.

When apprised of the fact that she could not recover, she said it was hard for her to leave her husband and other relatives and dear friends, but siad she, it is all for the best. She desired her husband and all to be calm, and talked with all with as mu ch deliberation and calmness as if she were going on a pleasant journey. She said to one of the family as she took him by the hand, that when she saw him again it would be with heavenly eyes. She gave careful directions with reference to all things conn ected with her funeral; where she should be buried, &c. &c. It seemed as if she thought of everything that the friends would have asked her concerning the matter; and kept saying to her husband when dying, "be calm, for I am so happy;" which were her last words.

She desired a certain dear friends and relative to be sent for, to see how happy one could be when dying. When asked if it was not hard for her to go she said it was in some respects. She had a good husband and a great deal to live for, but she had a de ar father, sisters, and brother in heaven and a darling babe of herv owm, and told all her relatives that they must not grieve for her, for she had no regrets, but was waiting patiently to depart.

All this is very comforting to those who are left. It deprived the grave of half its terror and her dear friends feel now that she is not dead, but only gone before, and is still living in a brighter and more beautiful world than this, where all shall me et her again, never more to be separated.

She was a member of the Universalist church in Melrose, and teacher in the Sabbath School: also an active and efficient member of the Lodge of Good Templars in that town...