Berlioz on Chinese Music

from Berlioz in London (ML410 .B5 G24 1950):
...As for the Chinaman's voice, I have never heard anything so strange in my life --hideous snorts, and groans, very much like the sounds dogs make, when they wake up, stretch their paws and yawn with an effort... (pg. 95)
and from Mantle Hood's The Ethnomusicologist, quoting another source:
The Chinese sing like dogs howling, like a cat screeching after it has swallowed a toad. (pg. 47)
On the other hand, a London reviewer (in the London Dramatic and Musical Review, 1843) had this to say about Berlioz:
Berlioz, musically speaking, is a lunatic; a classical composer only in Paris, the great city of quacks. His music is simply and undisguisedly nonsense.
(from Nicholas Slonimsky's Dictionary of Musical Invective)