East Asian Studies 190: Bibliographical Resources

Dr. Hugh Blackmer
Tuesday Evenings, 7-9 PM
Parmly 302


Dramatis Personae
Brad Battista
Betsy Boardman
John Kerkering
Thaxton Mauzy
Marc McAfee
 Stephen Philipson
Dyllan Rankin
Jude Rolfes
Monica Schoenthaler
Cathay Smith
Brian Stearns
 Patrice Wedderburn

I want to do something interesting with this course. Some of the basics are pretty clear:

One priority is to improve access to the book collection at W&L; another is to build a better access to (and a management tool for) journals; another could be to build a means to handle spatial data on East Asia; and another is to give each participant an opportunity to explore a special topic of specific interest.

Week 5: Finding the hidden... and deciding what to DO with what you've found

Week 4

Bibliographic Guides and week 3

 Bibliography of Asian Studies is clearly an important access point. Look at the Browse categories... what's missing? And what are its limits? (temporal, subject, etc.)


So how can we approach the question of what are our holdings?
Ask Annie:
LCSH 'China...' 3287 headings, 10639 items;
'East Asia...' 340 headings, 835 items;
'Japan...' 3398 headings, 9039 items;
'Korea...' 646 headings, 1469 items...
and that doesn't count the items that subdivide geographically

I've started exploring Creating Lists from Annie, to give me some material to work with.

I have an extract of 741 titles, supposedly those with "Korea" somewhere in a subject heading, which I've been massaging with Word and Excel (the most completely massaged version is H:\koreash11.xls). Some 189 of them are Gov Docs or (in a few cases) in the Law School (a separate file: h:\korgovdocs.xls)
The problem with this file is that it has too much information --too big, too unwieldy to tell us much without a LOT of fiddling.
I've made another List of those with 'China' or 'Chinese' in Subject, intending to download it in much simpler format --ideally, to be able to sort the set by Call Number, to get a sense of the 'mapping' of 'China' in the collection. The underlying question: where besides DS?

And I have a somewhat complicated pair of Japan files; c:\eas190\japan2a.xls is 3276 records, 3194 with call numbers. \japan2b seems to be the MARC records for an uncertain total number (?5351?) --but I'm not sure yet whether it includes or doesn't include the 3276...