I'd be happy to add other quotations that people find stimulating. Just e-mail them to me, with or without commentary.
This passage has interesting implications for thinking about career choices and the ubiquity of change:
An industry which is able to react in three years will find the game stimulating and enjoyable, and the people who do the work will experience the pleasant sensation of being able to cope. An industry which takes twelve years to react will be perpetually too late, and the people running the industry will experience sensations of paralysis and demoralization. It seems that the critical time for reaction is about five years. If you can react within five years, with a bit of luck you are in good shape. If you take longer than five years, with a bit of bad luck you are in bad trouble. (144-145)

And here's one that ought to be of particular interest to W&L people:

If ever a World Government should come into existence, it had better be a government designed to be run by crooks rather than a government designed to be run by gentlemen. Gentlemen are too often in short supply. (205)