Dowsing and Divining

Dowsing: "an old Cornish word meaning 'striking'"? Not according to the OED, which offers this under 'divining':

1656 Cowley Pindar. Odes, To Mr. Hobs iii, With fond Divining-Wands, We search among the dead For Treasures buried.
1656 Cowley Pindar. Odes, To Mr. Hobs Note, Virgula Divina; or a Divining-Wand is a two-forked branch of an Hazel-Tree..used for the finding out either of Veins, or hidden Treasures of Gold or Silver; and being carryed about, bends downwards (or rather is said to do so) when
(see also dowse entry).

Crop circles, psychics, Noah's Ark, ghosts, crystals, Earth Awareness, Nostradamus, the paranormal... is that all there is to it?

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